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The Venting Room

Was my reaction correct on him?

After I had my daughter, I kept the baby weight on. I currently weigh 160, and I'm 5'5. I'd gotten s...

Trying to Conceive 1 Year +

pls can you look at this and help interpret

my husband has done sperm anylisis and we are going to see doc in 2 weeks, Im trying to see ...

Trying to Conceive

Do you do anything special when you

have sex to enhance your chances? Use a special position or stay in a position afterwards?...

Due Date Club of February 2019

Who has had their babes?

I love reading birth stories!...

Due Date Club of August 2019

How is everyone feeling?

Morning (all day) sickness getting the best of you? What are your remedies?...

7 Fast Food Meals You Can Eat and Still Lose Weight

burritos on a cutting board Some fast food places serve totally healthy choices, but you have to know before you go.
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