Preventing Insomnia in Babies

By Melissa Nathans

Insomnia is a problem that many adults face. Some people just learn to live without enough sleep and consider it a part of their normal lives. However, did you know that babies can also from insomnia or sleep deprivation?

Today, it is a known fact that many babies are now suffering from insomnia. No one knows exactly how long this has been occurring but could be the reason for babies being fussy, waking up and staying up at night, or even babies that were diagnosed with colic.

Some babies have a hard time falling asleep, while others may fall right to sleep and then something wakes them up in the middle of night causing them to have a hard time drifting back off to sleep. Some of the sounds around the home could be the culprit that is waking up your little one such as the noisy refrigerator, the heater, the telephone, the television, other children in the home, or even the sound of their parent's voice. You cannot ensure that you can keep your home totally noise free during the time your baby is suppose to be sleeping, so what is the answer. The simplest thing to use is a white noise machine.

A white noise machine can help with all the sounds around the home that can interfere with a peaceful nights rest for your baby. This machine will absorb or eliminate all the sounds that might wake up your little one. White noise is random sounds that have rhythmic signals at all frequencies. Example of white noise could be the sound of a waterfall, the hum of a fan, or some consider it to sound like ocean waves.

To explain the idea of white noise machines just a bit more, think of it as the sound of a friend's voice at a crowded loud concert. You can recognize the voice of your friend over the other people in the crowd, the music playing the stage and of course the singers themselves. This is how the white machine works, it will be the sound that your baby hears instead of all the other noisy sounds that can keep them awake or wake them up prior to getting enough sleep. Along with the white noise machine you should change their diaper before bedtime and ensure they have eaten enough or they are sure to wake up with a wet diaper or if they become hungry. However, do not overfeed your baby or he is sure to wake up with a bellyache.

Insomnia is a serious problem for adults as well as children. If your baby is getting less than five hours of sleep then you should worry. Sleep apnea is one of the fears that can occur when a baby is not getting adequate sleep. If your baby is not getting at least five hours of sleep per night, you should talk with your doctor about your concerns. Ask for his advice and invest in a white noise machine if there is no medical reason that is keeping your baby from sleeping.

For more information on white noise machines, check out where you can purchase these sound conditioners and other sleep and relaxation aids.