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Breastfeeding Past One Year

Celebrating 1 year of breastfeeding!

Yesterday was my sons 1st birthday and we are still going strong breastfeeding! I plan to continue f...



I have a group on FB & I read that they are now saying that we don't make 2 different types of milk....

Moms of Infants

Transitioning Co-Sleeper to Crib...DESPERATE!!

Our LO is going to be 1 on September 9th. We have been co-sleeping with her since she was born. I c...

Moms of Infants

Breast fed infant schedule?

I know it won't be a strict schedule yet, but will you post your 2 mnth olds schedule? Thanks...

Moms of Infants

First Words

New mom here with a 5 month old who does not shut up lol she is a talker , mainly yells and trys to...

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Bedtime Rituals for Babies

By Stacy DeBroff

Does uttering the phrase "bedtime" send your toddler into squeals of hysterical protest? Do you sink onto your sheets in grateful exhaustion each night, only to hear the plaintive call of "Mommy" as your child creeps through your bedroom door? » Read more