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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201Ashleygirlash-treeEnglish7Log In to Vote
202Jazlyngirlvariant of JasmineArabic7Log In to Vote
203LeagirlmeadowAnglo-Saxon7Log In to Vote
204Summergirlsummer seasonEnglish7Log In to Vote
205Valeriegirlvalor, strongFrench, Latin7Log In to Vote
206Viviangirlliving, livelyLatin7Log In to Vote
207Naomigirlpleasant one; above all, beautyHebrew, Japanese7Log In to Vote
208Joshalyngirl7Log In to Vote
209Brennagirlraven maid, dark-hairedCeltic7Log In to Vote
210Elisagirldedicated to GodSpanish7Log In to Vote
211Kailyngirl7Log In to Vote
212Calliegirl7Log In to Vote
213HelenagirllightGreek7Log In to Vote
214Audragirlfrom the name AudreyFrench7Log In to Vote
215Jasminegirljasmine flower, gift from GodPersian7Log In to Vote
216Joliegirlpretty, merryFrench7Log In to Vote
217Marissagirlof the seaLatin7Log In to Vote
218Juliagirlsofthaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle, youthfulLatin7Log In to Vote
219AlannagirlfairCeltic7Log In to Vote
220CayleighgirlpartyGaelic7Log In to Vote
221Willowgirl7Log In to Vote
222KategirlpureGreek7Log In to Vote
223Emersongirl7Log In to Vote
224Teagangirl7Log In to Vote
225Blairgirlchild of the fields, from the plainGaelic7Log In to Vote
226Tyndellgirl7Log In to Vote
227Bridgetgirlresolute, strength, saint, strongCeltic, Irish7Log In to Vote
228Georgiagirlfarmer, to work the earth, feminine of GeorgeGreek7Log In to Vote
229Ravengirl7Log In to Vote
230PearlgirlgemstoneEnglish7Log In to Vote
231Caitlyngirl7Log In to Vote
232Daniellegirlfeminine of DanielHebrew7Log In to Vote
233Loreleigirlfrom the Rhine RiverGerman7Log In to Vote
234Amandagirllove, worthy of love, precious thingLatin7Log In to Vote
235CandicegirlGreek7Log In to Vote
236aerabellagirlbeautifulAmerican7Log In to Vote
237JourneygirlAmerican7Log In to Vote
238Sofiagirl7Log In to Vote
239Sagegirl7Log In to Vote
240StefaniagirlcrownGreek7Log In to Vote
241Lovegirlloved oneEnglish7Log In to Vote
242SeannagirlGod's graceCeltic7Log In to Vote
243Selmagirldivinely protectedScandinavian6Log In to Vote
244Carmengirlgarden, field of fruit, songHebrew, Latin6Log In to Vote
245Camerongirlbent nose, dark-haired beautyEnglish6Log In to Vote
246Lyricgirlplayer of the lyreGreek6Log In to Vote
247LuciagirllightLatin6Log In to Vote
248Delilahgirldelicate, amorousHebrew6Log In to Vote
249Mallorygirlarmy counseler, without good fortuneGerman6Log In to Vote
250Skylergirl6Log In to Vote
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