Fertility Drugs Do Not Cause Ovarian Cancer

According to a report on US News & World Report, fertility drugs are not linked to an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

There has been some debate over the long term consequences of women taking fertility medication as well as ongoing concerns in the medical community about frequent use of ovulation stimulating drugs potentially causing ovarian cancer.  A new Danish study may help relieve the concerns that women and medical providers have about the use of fertility medications. 

The large scale study found that women who take fertility medication, even women who undergo several cycles of fertility drug treatment, do not have an overall higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. 

Researchers from the Danish Cancer Society looked at data from 54,362 women who received fertility treatment from 1963 to 1998.  The study looked at the affects of four different groups of fertility drugs. Researchers found that while 156 women in the study developed ovarian cancer, after adjusting for risk factors, the overall risk of developing ovarian cancer was not any higher in women taking fertility medications.

The study did mention that the fertility drug Clomid statistically showed an increased risk for the most serious type of ovarian cancer; however, the researchers believe that this was a chance association.


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