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Trying to Conceive

trying for #3

Hey Guys! My name is Patty and I was previously on these boards (a different name though, I'm tryin...


Adoption vs surrogacy, surrogacy abroad a better option?

Hello! Just was browsing the forum and wanted to share my experience. We are infertile 10 years, I a...

Trying to Conceive Your First Child


So im new to this site and driving myself absolutely nuts border line depressed about this cycle. It...

Surrogate Mommies

Need some advice on my surrogacy situation, jealous, am I normal?

Hello ladies! I am new to this forum, actually my hubby is more like forum digger he was investigati...

Am I Pregnant

Here I go again

Hopefully falling down the rabbit hole... Date of your last menstrual period: May 20th Date of ovul...

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Autoimmune Disease and Fertility

By Gary Rothbard, MD, MS, AutoimmuneMom.com writer

The majority of women with autoimmune disorders are able to conceive and progress through pregnancy with little problem, producing healthy babies with few if any apparent complica
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Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding: FAQ about Fertility and Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby, chances are that you won't be getting pregnant anytime soon. In fact, exclusive breastfeeding has been shown to be 98 percent effective in suppressing ovulation.
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11 Common Baby Making Mistakes

When it comes to making babies, most couples don’t need to worry about getting everything right. But, if you have been trying to conceive for a while you may want to know about some of the most common baby making mistakes. Here are 11 common mistakes couples make when trying to conceive.

Signs of Low Progesterone

By Rebecca Pillar

The body is an amazing miracle in action. Every second, millions of reactions are taking place to maintain a perfect balance. People spend years of their lives studying how the body functions and they still don’t know everything there is to know about human life. One aspect of humanity is reproduction. For some women, becoming pregnant seems as easy as simply thinking about a baby.
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Natural Cycle IVF

For women who are struggling with infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be both a blessing and a curse.
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Can an Abortion Cause Infertility?

 While there are many controversial elements to the abortion issue, from a strictly clinical point of view, an abortion performed by a medical professional under proper sanitary conditions is a safe and straightforward procedure, especially if done during the early weeks of a pregnancy.
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3 Fertility Alternatives to consider Before You Turn to IVF

When a couple begins exploring infertility treatments, many people immediately think about trying in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is the best known of the currently available assisted reproduction technologies (ART).
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When To See A Fertility Specialist

By Nancy Da Silva

You and your spouse have a dream. You want to start your family. Yet as more time goes by without you becoming pregnant, worry starts to set in. Maybe you’re only being impatient, you tell yourself. Not everybody gets pregnant right off the bat.
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What is corpus luteum defect?

Corpus luteum defect, also known as luteal phase defect, is a controversial topic among doctors. Some physicians believe that corpus luteum defect is a frequent cause of miscarriage in the first trimester.
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Stress & Trying to Conceive: Can Stress Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

We live in stressful times, and the way we deal with it can have a profound impact on many areas of life. While research does suggest a link between stress and problems conceiving, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine there is no clinical proof that stress causes infertility.
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