Parenting Gradeschool Kids

5 Ways to Raise a "Good Enough" Child

By Jan Denise,

How many times have you told your ebullient child he's too loud or too active? How often have you told your contemplative, cautious child not to be a scaredy-cat and so shy? » Read more

Six Ways School Kids Manipulate Parents -- and What You Can Do About It

By David Swanson, Psy.D.

Your kid wants to stay up late, avoid homework, hang out with friends, and watch TV and play video games. In short, your school-aged child wants to do everything but go to bed early and do schoolwork. What's more, he has lots of clever ways to wear you down and get his way. » Read more

Boys and Guns: When Boys' Games Get Aggressive

 No matter how they are raised or what situations they are exposed to, young boys seem to have an almost universal interest in gun play. Even boys who grow up in the most anti-gun households – or boys who grow up surrounded by their sisters’ toys – are drawn to shoot-em-up games. » Read more

TV Guidelines for Young Children

By Jan Roberts, Parent Educator and Coach

Dear Parent Coach, My three young children are constantly asking to see TV programs I don't approve of but their friends watch, or to rent videos I'm not sure about.  The monitoring requirements of today's parent seem constant.  Can you offer guidelines? Signed, "Parent Censor" » Read more

The Problems with 123 Parenting

1-2-3 Parenting is a parenting method based on the book 123 Magic by Dr. Tom Phelan. The book teaches an easy-to-follow technique for discipline that involves counting three to either get a child to stop an unwanted behavior or start a desired behavior. » Read more

Why Routines and Structure Are Important for Kids

Jackie Kennedy once said, "The only routine with me is no routine at all." » Read more

How to Unspoil Your Child

By Alicia Purdy

Admitting your child is spoiled isn't easy. But if you have come to the point where you realize your child has become spoiled, you're halfway to recovery already. Many parents aren't willing to admit they have a spoiled child, because it reflects poorly on them as parents. However, it's best to deal with it early and move forward. » Read more

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids

By Alicia Purdy

Remember the old adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" What about this one? "I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." » Read more

Time-Out Tactics and Alternatives: When Your Child Refuses to go in Time-Out

By Alicia Purdy

Every parent likes to secretly think that their sweetheart is just a wee bit smarter, cuter and better behaved than the neighbor's kid, but then reality hits. The day your little darling kicks, bites, yells, throws things (maybe even at you!), and gets into general mischief, you realize that you'll need to take disciplinary action after all. » Read more

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques for Kids

Your child may not talk to you about stress. That's because children usually don't know what stress is or how to verbalize when they are experiencing it. You may not be aware of the stress your child is feeling, but your child may manifest it in ways that you can see. You may notice behavior problems, your child being more moody or irritable, crying easily or having problems sleeping. » Read more