First Trimester

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Due Date Club of October 2014

Where are all the newborn posts?!?!

I'm from the April DDC and I am needing some motivation to get through this pregnancy! It seems to b...

Due Date Club of November 2014


So my dr told me having a full bladder can lead to contractions... yep she was right. But holy crap...

Due Date Club of November 2014

Thank you, MadMay!!

Precious sleepers, onsies, bibs, pants, a headband and Tommee Tippees! Thank you so much!!...

Due Date Club of November 2014

Hey guys, long time no post...

I've been MIA for the bulk of this pregnancy. I guess I didn't get the forum bug with this kid lik...

**NEW** September 2014 Playroom

Newborn Screening

Okay so I haven't brought this up because it's really personal but I feel like there might be other...

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Eight Tips to Relieve Morning Sickness

Initially, morning sickness may provide comfort to the newly pregnant woman because it reaffirms that she is indeed pregnant. Also it has been shown that pregnancies with morning sickness have higher success rates. However, after a few bouts of nausea, this comfort is quickly replaced with a desire for relief. » Read more

Doctor or Midwife?

When you think of the word midwife, often the first thing to come to mind is home birth. Although some midwives do oversee births at home, the majority of Certified Nurse Midwives, CNM's, deliveries are in a hospital setting. If you have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, a midwife may be a good choice for you. What is the difference in education between a doctor and a midwife? Education requirements for doctors » Read more