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Due Date Club of April 2014

TinaG1 had her baby

I got a text from Tina earlier she had her baby born at 8:06 weighing 9lb 5.5 oz and 20 inches sweet...

Due Date Club of July 2014

I can't breathe! Anyone else?

Last night I ate dinner late and was uncomfortable nearly all night. The feeling has been with me al...

Due Date Club of May 2014

mucus plug

Lost at least part of my mucus plug today! I'm excited but nervous at the same time. Have a busy wee...

Due Date Club of April 2014

Pregnancy mask?!

So today I was trying to take a picture with Zachary and noticed these odd dots on my face through m...

Due Date Club of April 2014

Our little man is here! (Induction story)

Finally, 8 days late he arrived on Easter Sunday! I began my induction with cervidil Saturday aftern...

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Weight Gain and Pregnancy

The Institute of Medicine has released their newest stats, so if you are of a”normal” weight, you should be gaining between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. » Read more

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Proper nutrition is one of the best ways to give your baby a healthy start. If you've always been a healthy eater this may come easy to you. For others, this may be more challenging. How much weight you should gain varies depending what your weight is at the start of pregnancy. If you are starting out your pregnancy at your ideal body weight, then you should aim for a weight gain between 25 and 35 pounds » Read more

Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

If you are a vegetarian you may be wondering if it is okay to keep eating a vegetarian diet during your pregnancy. You may have been told by well-meaning friends that you have to eat some types of meat when you are pregnant. This is simply not true. It is perfectly safe to eat a vegetarian or even a vegan diet when you are pregnant. There are many health benefits that are associated with eating a vegetarian diet and these benefits don’t go away just because you are pregnant. » Read more

The Dangers of “Pregorexia”

You probably see it every time you pick up a magazine at the supermarket – some pregnant celebrity who manages to stay super-thin for nine months except for a small bump, and who bounces right back to a size 0 seemingly days after the birth. Although that kind of weight gain is natural for some women, for other women it can be downright dangerous. » Read more

The 7 Sins of Prenatal Vitamins

by Jennifer Polimino, C.P.T. I've been getting hundreds of emails from concerned pregnant women about the quality of their prenatal vitamins. There has been some mention of this topic in the news lately. After all, the vitamin industry is full of companies that manufacture prenatal vitamins without much regard for you or your baby’s health. With that in mind, it's very IMPORTANT that you read the following information carefully: » Read more

Running During Pregnancy

Most moms who enjoyed exercising before they got pregnant will continue to want to do so throughout their pregnancy. Exercising while pregnant can be a great way to keep your weight gain under control and stay in good physical shape for the demands of delivery and your post-partum recovery. » Read more

Pregnancy Exercise - 5 Things You Must Know

By Michelle Moss While reading through some questions that my subscribers sent in, I noticed that a lot of women have some basic questions about Pregnancy Exercise, for example, can I continue my exercise routine now that I’m pregnant? To help you out, I've put together a little "cheat sheet" on some of the » Read more

Managing Food Cravings During Pregnancy

You’re in your first trimester of pregnancy and suddenly you’re nearly bowled over by a powerful craving for a certain food. Sure, you’ve heard about the old stereotype of pickles and ice cream at midnight. But there’s no way you could have been prepared for how overwhelming the feeling could be. That’s the strange reality of pregnancy cravings: They can be sudden, intense, and at times downright bizarre. » Read more

Five Questions About Exercise Every Pregnant Woman Must Ask

by Jennifer Polimino, C.P.T. The results from several scientific studies on exercise and pregnancy are in, and the findings are astounding. This is vital information for every mom-to-be, whether this is her first pregnancy or beyond. » Read more

Exercise and Pregnancy

By Tracey Mallett ,

I know how exciting it is to finally hear the news that you’re going to have a baby. I’m sure there are many questions going through your head about keeping you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy. I’ve gathered a few of the most-asked questions to guide you safely and healthfully on your journey to new motherhood. » Read more