Second Trimester

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Baby Name Games

New Big Multi Generation CAF 3

The grandkids now have kids... enter the parents into . Roll the for number and for genders. Spous...

Baby Name Games

New Big Multi Generation CAF 2

All of your kids have kids. Roll the for how many and for genders. DD1's Family LN: Your Choic...

Due Date Club of November 2014

So tired of hearing...

Anyone else with complications sick of hearing 'it's normal' about whatever it is you are dealing wi...

Due Date Club of November 2014

Nursery Pictures

Hello Ladies! As we get closer I'd love to see how your baby's room is coming along. We never had...

Due Date Club of September 2014

Breast Feeding

So I didn't do extensive reading about breast feeding while I was pregnant bc quite frankly I didn't...

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Fundal Height

What exactly is a fundus and how is fundal height measured? If you've heard these words during your pregnancy, you might have asked these questions. Fundal height is useful in assessing fetal growth and development. Too high of a measurement and you could be having twins(or other fetal growth problems). » Read more

Constipation in Pregnancy

You knew about morning sickness, expected fatigue, but why haven't you heard about constipation in pregnancy? Believe it or not, constipation is quite common in pregnancy and actually has a physiological cause. Don't fret. We are about to arm you with our best tips for relieving constipation. What causes constipation in pregnancy? Let's start by taking a look at why you are constipated before we discuss what you can do about it. » Read more

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back pain is very common during pregnancy. The curvature of your spine and your center of gravity shift as you baby and belly grow bigger. These changes put stress on your back leading to pain and discomfort. Using good postore and keeping to a sensible weight gain can help prevent backache. » Read more

Fighting Pregnancy Fatigue

For many women, fatigue is a constant complaint during pregnancy. And when you think about all that your body has to do during those nine months – namely, form and nurture another human being – it’s no wonder you aren’t even more fatigued. » Read more