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What is Baby Led Weaning?

By JustMommies staff

Baby led weaning, or baby led solids, is a really simple concept and just means letting your baby feed himself when he is ready for solids. Most Americans think of weaning as giving up breastfeeding, but in the UK where the term “baby led weaning” originated, weaning means the transition to solid
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Baby Led Solids: Top Ten First Foods

Never heard of baby led solids? Baby led solids, also called baby led weaning, just means skipping the
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Finger Food Mania: Tips and Recipes for Introducing Finger Foods to Your Baby

Here are some great options for small finger foods for your baby!
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Formula Feeding 101- Most Common Questions

Getting the hang of formula feeding is a combination of getting to know your baby and learning from past experiences.
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Making the Switch to Cow’s Milk

Babies still love a comforting bottle even after they are weaned, and cow's milk offers a lot of excellent nutrients.
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Is it OK to Give My Baby Cereal in a Bottle?

It's a common thought: will cereal in a bottle help my baby?
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How To Introduce Formula to a Breastfed Baby

Want a smooth transition between breastmilk and formula? Here are some tips!
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Delaying Solid Foods

There are benefits to waiting a little bit longer than you think before starting your baby on solid foods.
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Bottle-Feeding Moms Lack Support

By JustMommies staff

According to a new report found in the British journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, women who bottle-feed may not be getting enough support or information on bottle-feeding. British researchers looked at 23 studies on new moms and suggest that the lack of support for bottle-feeding moms may put
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Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas

Baby won't know the difference if you make a healthier version of typical cakes.
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