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Cesarean Section Birth

crying after section

i just had a c-section 2 days ago and just got released from the hospital today and ive been really ...

Cesarean Section Birth

How many cesarean sections have you had?

We get asked a lot, how many c/s are safe, is there a limit etc etc, so as part of a couple of threa...

Cesarean Section Birth

Any one gain lots of weight after there c section?

I have gain 15kgs and im 7mths pp. i just wondering if anyone found this? this was my 1st and only c...

Trying to Conceive

Anybody remember me?

I wanted to stop in and say hi! Still not pregnant. I'm 36 now and my health is definitely not go...

Trying to Conceive

TTC Baby #2

Hoping it's easier the second time around...
Our Son just turned 9 years old and...

EWCM (Egg White Cervical Mucous) or Semen: How to Tell the Difference

By JustMommies staff

To identify your most fertile days, it is helpful to monitor your cervical mucous. You should start checking your cervical mucous as soon as your period ends. What you are looking for is slippery stretchy mucous that looks similar to egg whites. When you see this kind of cervical mucous, there is
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Normal Sperm Count: Basics on Semen Analysis

By Teresa Redmond

discussion with doctor normal sperm count basics semen analysis Learn more about what semen analysis can study and help you learn about getting pregnant.
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Retrograde Ejaculation

By Laura Leavitt

man talking to doctor about retrograde ejaculation Understanding retrograde ejaculation helps you evaluate your options.
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Sperm 411: 7 Little Known Things That Can Affect Sperm

By Laura Leavitt

sperm swimming towards egg Your healthy choices have more of an affect on your fertility than you might think.
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