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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201Scottboyfrom ScotlandEnglish5Log In to Vote
202Simonboyhe who hearsHebrew5Log In to Vote
203Talonboy5Log In to Vote
204Walterboypowerful warrior, rule armyGerman5Log In to Vote
205Zackboy5Log In to Vote
206Brysonboy5Log In to Vote
207Abramboyexalted fatherHebrew4Log In to Vote
208Alanboyhandsome, cheerful, nobleGaelic, Celtic4Log In to Vote
209Alastairboyprotector of mankind, defender, helperScottish4Log In to Vote
210Ansonboyson of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-Saxon4Log In to Vote
211Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic4Log In to Vote
212Astinboystrong leader, trustworthyFrench4Log In to Vote
213Benboyson ofHebrew4Log In to Vote
214Bostonboy4Log In to Vote
215CassidyboycleverGaelic4Log In to Vote
216Clayboy4Log In to Vote
217Colbyboycoal townEnglish4Log In to Vote
218Connerboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverCeltic4Log In to Vote
219Demetriusboylover of the earth, given to the Earth goddessGreek4Log In to Vote
220Dexterboydexterous, right sideLatin4Log In to Vote
221Diegoboythe suplanterSpanish4Log In to Vote
222DracoboydragonItalian4Log In to Vote
223Drakeboyale duck, dragonEnglish4Log In to Vote
224Edwinboyprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman4Log In to Vote
225EliboyelevationHebrew4Log In to Vote
226EliotboyheightHebrew4Log In to Vote
227ElliotboyJehovah is GodHebrew4Log In to Vote
228Ezraboyhelper, salvationHebrew4Log In to Vote
229FelixboyhappyLatin4Log In to Vote
230Fredboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench4Log In to Vote
231Garretboyspear championAnglo-Saxon4Log In to Vote
232Gradyboynoble, illustriousGaelic4Log In to Vote
233Griffinboymythological beastGreek4Log In to Vote
234Gunnerboybattle strongSwedish4Log In to Vote
235Jamesonboyson of JamesEnglish4Log In to Vote
236Jaredboyone who rulesHebrew4Log In to Vote
237JoshboyGod saves; nickname for JoshuaHebrew4Log In to Vote
238Kellyboybrave warriorIrish4Log In to Vote
239Kennethboyhandsome; born of fire; royal oathGaelic, Scottish, English4Log In to Vote
240Knoxboyfrom the hillsEnglish4Log In to Vote
241Leroyboythe kingFrench4Log In to Vote
242Nateboy4Log In to Vote
243Parkerboycultivated landEnglish4Log In to Vote
244Percyboythe valley-piercerFrench, Latin4Log In to Vote
245Quinnboywise, queen, fifth bornGaelic, Greek4Log In to Vote
246Raymondboyworthy protectorGerman, English4Log In to Vote
247ReedboyreedEnglish4Log In to Vote
248RiderboyhorsemanEnglish4Log In to Vote
249ShaneboyGod is graciousIrish4Log In to Vote
250SolomonboypeacefulHebrew4Log In to Vote
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