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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
251ShaneboyGod is graciousIrish4Log In to Vote
252SolomonboypeacefulHebrew4Log In to Vote
253StephenboycrownGreek4Log In to Vote
254Stevenboy4Log In to Vote
255Tannerboyleather workerEnglish4Log In to Vote
256TerrenceboytenderLatin4Log In to Vote
257TobyboyGod is goodHebrew4Log In to Vote
258ToddboyfoxEnglish4Log In to Vote
259TravisboycrossingFrench4Log In to Vote
260Westonboyresidence nameEnglish4Log In to Vote
261Kaidenboy4Log In to Vote
262Kalebboy4Log In to Vote
263KallanboystrongScottish4Log In to Vote
264JaylenboyHawaiian4Log In to Vote
265JaxenboyGod has been gracious4Log In to Vote
266Jaxonboy4Log In to Vote
267 adrian boystrongAmerican4Log In to Vote
268LakeboyAmerican4Log In to Vote
269Alderboybirch tree, revered oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
270Alecboyprotector of menGreek3Log In to Vote
271Amadeusboylove of GodLatin3Log In to Vote
272AmirboyprinceArabic3Log In to Vote
273Andersonboyson of AndrewScottish3Log In to Vote
274Archieboytruly brave (from the name Archibald)German3Log In to Vote
275AriboylionHebrew3Log In to Vote
276AugustusboyexaltedLatin3Log In to Vote
277AvalonboyislandEnglish3Log In to Vote
278Baldwinboybold friendGerman3Log In to Vote
279Bernardboybold as a bearGerman3Log In to Vote
280Bishopboya bishopEnglish3Log In to Vote
281Blaineboythin, lean, source of a riverGaelic, English3Log In to Vote
282Boboyprecious, commandingChinese, Swedish3Log In to Vote
283Brennanboyto brandEnglish3Log In to Vote
284Brightonboythe one who is lovedHebrew3Log In to Vote
285Bronsonboyson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
286BryantboystrongCeltic3Log In to Vote
287CainboycraftsmanHebrew3Log In to Vote
288Camboyorange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sunVietnamese, English3Log In to Vote
289Cannonboy3Log In to Vote
290Chanceboykeeper of the records; originally was a nickname for ChancellorEnglish3Log In to Vote
291Chandlerboycandle makerFrench3Log In to Vote
292ChanningboyknowingEnglish3Log In to Vote
293Claytonboy3Log In to Vote
294Dallasboyplace name, wiseScottish3Log In to Vote
295Damonboyconstant, dayGreek, English3Log In to Vote
296DarianboywealthyPersian3Log In to Vote
297DarrellboydarlingFrench3Log In to Vote
298DavisboyDavid's sonScottish3Log In to Vote
299Desmondboyman of the world, societyCeltic, Latin3Log In to Vote
300DillonboyfaithfulGaelic3Log In to Vote
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