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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
251FelixboyhappyLatin4Log In to Vote
252Fredboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench4Log In to Vote
253Martinboyof MarsLatin4Log In to Vote
254Gradyboynoble, illustriousGaelic4Log In to Vote
255Miloboy4Log In to Vote
256CassidyboycleverGaelic4Log In to Vote
257Gunnerboybattle strongSwedish4Log In to Vote
258Griffinboymythological beastGreek4Log In to Vote
259 adrian boystrongAmerican4Log In to Vote
260Harrisonboyson of HarryEnglish4Log In to Vote
261Ansonboyson of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-Saxon4Log In to Vote
262Percyboythe valley-piercerFrench, Latin4Log In to Vote
263Connerboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverCeltic4Log In to Vote
264Corbinboyraven, black hairFrench4Log In to Vote
265Jakeboyform of JacobHebrew4Log In to Vote
266Jaredboyone who rulesHebrew4Log In to Vote
267JoshboyGod saves; nickname for JoshuaHebrew4Log In to Vote
268Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic4Log In to Vote
269StephenboycrownGreek4Log In to Vote
270TerrenceboytenderLatin4Log In to Vote
271Drakeboyale duck, dragonEnglish4Log In to Vote
272DracoboydragonItalian4Log In to Vote
273Tannerboyleather workerEnglish4Log In to Vote
274Astinboystrong leader, trustworthyFrench4Log In to Vote
275ToddboyfoxEnglish4Log In to Vote
276TravisboycrossingFrench4Log In to Vote
277Knoxboyfrom the hillsEnglish4Log In to Vote
278ElliotboyJehovah is GodHebrew4Log In to Vote
279Bostonboy4Log In to Vote
280Kellyboybrave warriorIrish4Log In to Vote
281ReeceboyenthusiasticWelsh3Log In to Vote
282Dallasboyplace name, wiseScottish3Log In to Vote
283Jamisonboyson of JamesEnglish3Log In to Vote
284Reganboylittle kingGaelic3Log In to Vote
285JavierboyJanuary, enlightenedFrench3Log In to Vote
286Damonboyconstant, dayGreek, English3Log In to Vote
287Alderboybirch tree, revered oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
288Phineasboy3Log In to Vote
289Porterboygatekeeper, carrierFrench3Log In to Vote
290Archieboytruly brave (from the name Archibald)German3Log In to Vote
291Ivanboyform of JohnRussian3Log In to Vote
292Jalenboybird of lightArabic, American3Log In to Vote
293JaedonboyJehovah has heardHebrew3Log In to Vote
294AriboylionHebrew3Log In to Vote
295RioboyriverSpanish3Log In to Vote
296Remingtonboyfrom the raven's homeEnglish3Log In to Vote
297RiordanboypoetGaelic3Log In to Vote
298RoninboySamurai without a masterJapanese3Log In to Vote
299JeffreyboyGod's peaceTeutonic3Log In to Vote
300DarianboywealthyPersian3Log In to Vote
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