Ballerina Bag

By JustMommies staff

Supplies needed for this craft

pink fabric

white polyester cable cord pink nylon net dark pink & light pink felt (square remnants are perfect) small decorative bow or ribbon marabou trim or other decorative trim thread & needle

1. Lay out a piece of pink fabric for your bag. Fold it in half length wise and sew along the left and right side to make your bag.

2. Fold the fabric over at the open end of the bag about 1/2 inch to an inch and lay the cord inside of the fold to make your drawstring. Make sure you leave enough length on your cord to use for your drawstring. It is better to leave too much on the ends, you can always cut it later. Cut two slots for your string to go through and then sew the folded edge down to the rest of the bag.  

3. Cut out two pieces of dark pink felt in an oval shape for the ballet shoes. Cut out two center pieces of light pink felt smaller than the dark pink felt for the center part of your ballet shoes. You may find this easier to hand stitch this part. Sew the light pink center to the dark pink felt. Next sew the bows or ribbons for the ties of your ballet shoes on. Once the whole ballet shoe is assembled sew pin them to the bag and sew in place.  

4. Take your pink nylon net and fold it lengthwise to make the tutu part of your ballet bag. You will then want to pin the netting to your bag accordion style. Cut any excess netting and then carefully sew netting onto you bag.  

5. Once your nylon net is sewn on you can then sew on marabou trim above the seam for a fancier look or you can leave the netting by itself. Ribbons or other decorative trim will work nicely as well.