CANDLES - Give new light to your old candles!

By Catherine Pulsifer

Once a candle has burned down or we no longer like the look of the candle we use the old wax and make new candles, giving new life to something that we would have previously thrown away!

Easy Candle Projects

Old Wax Pieces

- a neat, easy way to make a colorful candle is to break up pieces of old wax. - do not melt these pieces. - put the pieces in your container, and then insert your wix. - you then melt clear wax and pour over the pieces. - you end up with a colorful candle!

Outside Candles

- use an old tin can (soup can, coffee can, etc), wash the tin - punch holes in the side of the can with a nail and hammer. - fill the tin half full with your wax and insert your wick. - once the wax hardens and you light your candle you will have a wonderful outside candle. The light from the flame will come through the holes.

Working with Wax

- NEVER, NEVER, leave melting wax. Wax will flash into a flame, it does not boil like water.

-the easiest way to get the wax out out of a container is to place the container in the freezer for at least 15 minutes, then remove the wax. The cold shrinks the wax!

- never pour old wax down the drain, it will clog your drain! For any unused wax pour it into a container that is lined with wax paper. It is then ready for the next time you make candles.

- if you are using a mug or a glass to pour your candle into, make sure the mug or glass is warm before pouring the hot wax in it. If not, your mug or glass may crack.

- when melting wax use a double boiler. Water in the bottom pot and your wax in the top pot.

- to increase a candles burning time, add some beeswax to your wax as you are melting it. You can purchase sheets or blocks of beeswax at craft stores.

- as your candle cools, "a well" will form in the top of the candle. Reheat some wax and fill the well.

- if you accidentally get hot wax on your skin, run it under cold water immedaitely. You can then peel the wax off.

Wix Notes

- if the flame is to high on your candle, trim the wick back

- before using your wick, soak it in hot wax. Once you remove from the hot wax, lay it on wax paper and pull it straight.

- to put out a candle without it smoking, do not blow out the candle, but using a pencil (or other object) push the wick into the hot wax and it will go out with very little smoke.

- The size of the wick depends on the diameter of your candle, for example, a 1 inch width candle will need a 1 inch wick.

Wax Spills and Clean Ups

- if wax spills on a carpet, let it harden. Then rub an ice cube over the carpet. The wax becomes brittle allowing clean up. - if wax spills, do not try and wipe up immedaitely, let the wax harden and then lift off

About the Author:

Catherine Pulsifer is one of the authors of A Simple Life - A journey to a simple life, and, a frugal lifestyle.