Craft for Kids - Fuzzy Pen

Supplies needed for this craft

stick pen
fuzzy yarn
10 inches of beading wire
beads that complement the yarn

1-- Take your wire and tie a small knot about 2 inches from the end.
2-- Bead the wire the way you like it up to 6 inches full. Tie a knot.
3-- At the top of the pen wrap one end of the wire around.
4- Place a drop of glue over the wraped wire then take your fuzzy yarn and wrap the pen being sure to cover the wire at top.Leave about 1/4 inch uncovered at the bottom.
5- At the bottom place a drop of glue,finish wraping the yarn.
6- Take the beaded wire and wrap around the pen sureing it at the bottom with the naked wire. Take a small piece of yarn and cover up the wire if you like.

(if you want to you could add feathers to the top or more beads on wire.)
note--you may have to fuzz up the yarn after it has been wraped.To do the simply run your fingers up and down the pen

About the author: Michelle Waite is a wife and mom of two boys. She enjoys making crafts and has written many crafting articles online.

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