Easy Birthday Invitations for Kids!

By JustMommies

For an easy birthday invitation that can be made by both mom and child, consider these striped and polka-dot invites! 

You'll Need:
Colored Markers
Colored Masking Tape (available at happytape.com)
Polka Dot stickers (available at Michael's)
White card stock cut into postcard size
Brightly colored envelopes
For the Striped Invitations:

Measure across the card,so your stripes will be evenly placed. Space them about an inch apart. Wrap the tape all the way around the card. 4 or 5 stripes will leave you enough space to write. Use markers that coordinate with the color of the tape, and write out the invite. Pair with a color coordinated envelope! 

For the Polka Dot invites:

Place two or three polka dot stickers in the corner of the postcard ( this can easily be done by kids!). Write our your invite on the other half of the card and pair with a coordinated envelope.

Most Important Tip:

Have fun! 

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