Leather & Chain Butterfly Necklace

  • silver open link chain (18in)
  • butterfly charm
  • red suede leather lace (25in)
  • silver head pin
  • craft glue
  • round nose wire pliers
  • scissors
  • 2 small red beads
  • clasp fixtures
  • 3 split rings

    1- Take the head pin and place one bead on,then the charm then the last bead.Cut off the extra wire from about one inch from the last bead.Take your round nose pliers and form a loop in the end.
    2- Take the leather lace and weave though the chain,making sure to keep it straight and the chain taunt.
    3- Cut the lace one inch from the end.Glue down the ends to the last bit of lace showing on the chain.This will hold the leather in place.
    4- Take a split ring add it to the middle of the chain on the front.(opposite side of where you glued down the lace) Now add your charm to the ring and close with the pliers.
    5- Take another spit ring to the ends and add your clasp pieces to both sides.

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