Make-it-Yourself Memory Game

Why spend $20 on an expensive store-bought memory game, when you can spend $2 and have twice the fun? Your preschooler will delight in sticker fun while creating entertaining education.

Matching helps build early math and pre-reading skills as children practice spotting patterns and same-as similarities in shapes and letters. This make-it-yourself memory game is so simple, your child will build self-confidence knowing that with just a little direction from mom or dad they have not only played with stickers, but created a game they can play over and over.

What you’ll need:

Index cards or cardstock
Stickers (2 of each design)
Small ziplock bag

Cut the cards into quarters, or approximately 2” x 2” squares
Let your child carefully place one sticker on one side of the cards (leave one side blank)

Once you have 2 of each sticker design on a handful of cards, flip them over and begin playing your new Memory Match-up game. When you are finished, store the cards in a small ziplock bag so they all stay together and are easy to find for next time.

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