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Hi I'm new and live in Sweden HELP!

I'm Katt and I'm 24. I recently got married and moved from my homeland England, UK to Sweden as my husband is from there. I'm a first time mom to be and extremely anxious. I mention that because I have anxiety and panic attacks and IBS. Oh and here in Sweden they only believe in midwife led care and first trimester check ups are pretty much non existent. My first appointment is next week to ask me about my smoking, drinking and depression if any. I'll read around and see what kinda advice ...

Unplanned Pregnancy

Overwhelmed and Uncertain

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly two years. We're both very happy together. Our relationship is stable and so loving. We both have good jobs. I just finished my degree and my boyfriend is in the process of getting his degree. I'm 23 and he's 32. I'm happy with my life now and enjoy that there are no disruptions. One thing that changed in our relationship recently was my decision to get off birth control. I was having side effects and took the advice of my doctor to get off of it and see if...

Am I Pregnant

CD 28, sore breasts for one week+, could I be pregnant?

Hello ladies. I'm new to this site, so excuse any mess ups. My fiance and I are very sexually active. We occasionally use condoms, but most of the time we rely on the pull out method. So we aren't actively trying, but we aren't really preventing either. My period started on the 5th of March, and it lasted for an abnormally long time (8 days instead of my usual 4) and there were no cramps accompanied with it, which is odd for me. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on or around the 17th. I had a huge surg...

Pregnancy Questions

1st Trimester Spotting - Please share your POSITIVE outcomes

I keep seeing all these posts across the internet about spotting from freaked out moms to be with no resolution. It can be a very scary thing to have spotting during the first trimester and reading through mountains of threads where the OP never updates about her outcome doesn't help. I can certainly understand not wanting to update if there is a pregnancy loss, but I swear NONE of these threads have an outcome and I know they can't all be bad!! So I decided to make a happy positive thread about...

Pregnancy Questions

Question About Weight Gain?

I will be 10 weeks tomorrow (yaye!) but I have a question about weight gain. Everything I've read has said you shouldn't gain more than 3-5 pounds during the first trimester. Pre-pregnancy, I am 5'0" and I weighed 98 pounds. However, I weighed myself the other day and I was surprised to see 106! I only eat healthy foods- oatmeal with a banana every morning, and only snacking on fresh fruits and veggies with grilled chicken salads for lunch/dinner. Occasionally I will allow myself some junk food ...

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Chinese Gender Chart

By JustMommies staff

Curious about your baby’s gender? According to legend, the Chinese gender calendar was discovered in a tomb hundreds of years ago and is said to be 90 percent accurate. See how accurate it is for you. Just look at your age at conception and the month you conceived. This should tell you what your baby’s
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Must-Read Pregnancy & Parenting Books

By Inhabitots

No book can ever truly prepare you for parenthood, but there are many resources that can offer vital help along the way. Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms will get you off on the right track while your baby is still in your womb. This lovely book celebrates a mom-to-be and
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Girl or Boy: 9 Fun Ways to Predict Your Baby's Gender

Most women are able to find out their baby’s gender during their 20 week ultrasound, but in the meantime
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Skin Care During Pregnancy

Our skin reacts to pregnancy just like other parts of our bodies; pay attention so you can treat it well.
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Acne During Pregnancy

By JustMommies staff

More than half of pregnant women have trouble with acne during pregnancy. You are at higher risk of acne during pregnancy if you’ve had acne in the past. In some cases, the acne may be severe. What causes acne during pregnancy? Similar to an adolescent going through puberty, there are higher levels
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Fetal Development Month by Month

By JustMommies staff

Once you've learned of your pregnancy, planning mode kicks in. Month by month is something new to expect, so why not learn exactly what it is your expecting.
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When Should I See My Baby's Heartbeat on Ultrasound?

By JustMommies staff

Ultrasounds give you a window into your baby's world. More and more women are getting ultrasounds very early in pregnancy. These early ultrasounds provide comfort and reassurance to the expectant mother. They also help with dating your pregnancy properly and getting an accurate due date. When is the
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Ten Old Wives' Tales About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting; it’s hope and fear and the unknown all bundled into one nine-month adventure.
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I'm Pregnant - When Will I Start to Show?

By JustMommies staff

If you are newly pregnant, you may be wondering when you will start to show. You may start to notice changes in your waistline early in your pregnancy, before anyone would even be able to tell that you were pregnant. You may feel like you are showing much sooner than you actually are. Your stomach may
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Pregnancy Etiquette - The Do's and Don'ts of Announcing Your Pregnancy

Once you find out you are pregnant you may be bursting at the seams to tell all your friends and family.
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