Adoption and surrogacy

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Adoption: Laughter and Tears

By Laura Leavitt

picture of a family in crayon The potential love with international adoption is unmatched.
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Adoption: Where Do I Start?

By Laura Leavitt

father and daughter When adoption is your preferred option, you have a few more decisions to make to get started.
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Alison's Journey Home: An Adoption Story

By JustMommies staff

Five years ago today, I was in Kazakhstan, in the middle of the most important event of my life. I was becoming a mother! I met my daughter just a couple of weeks earlier, though I had dreamed of her my entire life. As 5 years is a milestone, I took this opportunity to read the online journal that I
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Avoiding Adoption Scam Artists

By Laura Leavitt

run down orphanage When there are a lot of adoption agencies, make sure you don't pick one that is actually a scam.
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Choosing Surrogacy - How to Become a Surrogate Mom

By Laura Leavitt

pregnant woman and couple signing surrogacy papers Surrogacy can be the right option for some families, and for women who are interested in surrogacy pregnancy.
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Differences Between Open and Closed Adoption

By Jeanette Pollock

Adoption can be an alternative for a women that is facing an unexpected pregnancy. Adoption is where another family takes the child and raises it. There are various types of adoptions and each one is handled based upon the wishes of the individuals involved. There are two main types of adoption; open
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How much does adoption cost?

By Laura Leavitt

mother with daughter Knowing the costs of adoption can help you choose what you are most interested in.
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What to Expect from the Home Study Process for Domestic Adoptions

By Laura Leavitt

child holding drawing of a home Your home study may seem like a lot of work, but it is worth it!
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