April Fool's Day Tips and Tricks for the Kids

By The Possibility Shop for JustMommies

Keep your family guessing and laughing with clever tips and tricks for April Fool’s Day. April Fool’s Day is a great time of year. The beginning of spring, close to Easter, days getting longer, and moods generally improving.

This episode of The Possibility Shop is all about ideas that you can use to have some fun with your family and friends this April Fool's Day.

The Possibility Shop is a series about how to interact with your kids and learn together in a way that is fun. In this episode, Courtney talks a bit about how to engage with your kids after school to figure out what they were doing all day. As a prank, she tricks Max into eating some meatloaf cupcakes. Molding food into interesting shapes is a great way to get kids interested in eating food they otherwise might not like.

Make this April Fool's Day a great experience for you and your kids and try something new as part of today's prank. You might find out it is something that will become part of every day.

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