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The Shettles Method for Choosing a Baby's Gender

While not foolproof, this method is popular among parents-to-be.
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Getting Pregnant after Birth Control

By JustMommies staff

With such a variety of birth control options available, it can be difficult understanding how to get pregnant once you've discontinued. This guide can help you get started.
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How Long Does it Take Most Couples to Get Pregnant?

Depending on age, health status, and habits, the time to conception can vary a lot.
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How to Conceive a Boy

Trying for a little baby boy? The Shettles Method is considered fairly reliable, but comes with some conditions.
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How to Conceive a Girl

Hoping for a sweet little girl? Try these methods that have proven effective, but understand the possible outcomes as well.
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Best Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant

Knowing what helps with conceiving can be helpful.
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Get Pregnant Now: 12 Ideas to Help You Get Pregnant Right Away

You may have heard that you have a 20-25 percent chance of conceiving during any given menstrual cycle.
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Natural Ways to Improve Fertility

Let’s start by assuming you are in good health, don’t smoke, abuse drugs or alcohol, and aren’t
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Tips for Conceiving: 6 Must-Try Baby-making Ideas

Trying to conceive a baby can be tougher than it sounds.  Making a baby should be as simple as having
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Keeping The Romance Alive While Trying To Conceive

Sex can become a bit too procedural if you don't focus on the romance at this time.
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