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Dealing with Common Tween Issues

By Laura Leavitt

Understand how tweens begin to try to act like teens early!
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Talking to Kids About Drugs

By Laura Leavitt

Your conversation can help your kids make strong choices when drugs are around them.
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Ask The Parent Coach: Clean Room Not A Teen Priority

By Laura Leavitt

Sometimes, a good relationship is worth letting an argument go.
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Video Games and Kids: Setting Appropriate Guidelines

By Laura Leavitt

Video games have to be a balanced part of your kid's life.
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Vulture Culture: How we encourage bullying

By Laura Leavitt

We as parents have a role to play in preventing a culture of bullying.
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Seven Ways to Protect Your Family from Internet Dangers

By Laura Leavitt

There are ways to misuse the Internet, so find ways to protect your children.
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