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Love and Logic: A Low-Stress Approach to Parenting

By Laura Leavitt

Learning how to reduce conflict can really help you in this journey.
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Should You Spy on Your Teenager?

By Tina Payne Bryson

An important part of parenting is to keep your kids safe and help them make good decisions. Your strong instincts to protect your teens from making bad choices is what motivates you to check in with them and even call their friends’ parents to check to make sure they are being adequately supervised.
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Mean Girls: How to Help Your Daughter Cope

By Laura Leavitt

Girls can get very cruel, but a confident girl can stand up to them.
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How Can Overuse of Technology Affect Your Child

By Laura Leavitt

Your child can definitely get too much technology in his or her life.
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10 Warning Signs that Your Child is Being Bullied

By Laura Leavitt

Keeping an eye out can help you end bullying as soon as possible.
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Back to School Checklist: Everything You Need for School

By JustMommies staff

It's tough to start thinking about school right now, but in just a few weeks it will be time for the kids to go back to school. Whether you've been through the drill before, or this is your first time sending a little one off to school, this checklist should help you remember everything you need to be
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5 Reasons to Send Your Child to Arts Summer Camp

By MySummerCamps

Arts can be an amazing way to unleash your child's creativity.
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When Should You Let Your Tween Wear Make Up?

By Nancy Da Silva

Just yesterday your little girl was running around in diapers. As they grew older they would watch you put your makeup on and you’d probably have to keep their curious little fingers out of your bag of cosmetics. They’d copy your actions and there might have been times when you had to keep an eye
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5 Risky Teen Behaviors

By Laura Leavitt

As teens grow up, they will push boundaries for themselves.
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Parenting In The Age of Technology

By Jan Roberts

Conscientious parents keep informed regarding new activities their children become involved in, but more and more parental anxiety is being expressed concerning the increased and varied use of technology by tweens and teens. Parents are having a hard time keeping up with their tech-savvy kids. Rapid
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