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Planning a Home Birth

By JustMommies staff

By Nancy Da Silva Women used to have babies at home. As recent as only a few decades ago, it was not uncommon to hear a grandmother who’d lived in the same house for sixty years claim that all of her children had been born in the upstairs bedroom. Then with the innovations and improvements in science
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C-Sections: The Not So Easy Way Out

By JustMommies staff

By Nancy Da Silva The National Sentinel Caesarean Section Audit reports that requests for C-sections are one the rise. Why would any woman choose to undergo a major surgical operation where the womb is cut open to remove the baby as opposed to a vaginal birth where the body naturally accommodates the
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Emergency Hospital Bag Check List for Dads

By JustMommies staff

Here is a check list of things your wife would like you to bring to the hospital for her. This was written just for the dads so you don’t forget anything important. We only have the essentials listed to make it easy. These are the must haves for the hospital bag.   Hospital Bag Check list  What to
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Five Reasons to Avoid Induction of Labor

By JustMommies staff

©Robin Weiss Your feet are swollen and your back is killing you. Sleeping upright is the only way that you can manage to fall asleep between the demands of your bladder and your baby's kicking spells. This is the life of a pregnant mother in her ninth month. The offer of a way out of this physically
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Everything You Need to Know About the Bradley Method

By JustMommies staff

By Maria T. Pepin What is the Bradley Method of Childbirth? The Bradley Method (also known as husband-coached childbirth) embraces the idea that childbirth is a natural process and with adequate preparation and education, most women can avoid pain medication and interventions during labor and birth.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Epidurals

By JustMommies staff

The epidural, a form of local anesthesia delivered to the lower half of the body, is probably the most common form of pain relief during childbirth. Recent figures estimate that upwards of 60 percent of women who give birth in a hospital choose to use an epidural. However, given that it is invasive (delivered
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Childbirth Classes: Choosing one right for you

By JustMommies staff

Taking a childbirth education class will help you and your partner prepare for childbirth. There are several child birth philosophies including the Lamaze method, the Bradley method, the Kitzinger method, and Hypnobirthing®. These methods vary on approaches, but all childbirth classes will teach you
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Choosing the Best Birth Environment for You

By JustMommies staff

Your choice of birth environment is the first decision you make that determines your pain-relief options. If you know you want to use modern medical pain-relief methods, you will need to select a birth environment that can accommodate these preferences. If you are leaning more toward a natural childbirth,
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