The National Effective Parenting Initiative

By JustMommies staff

Dr. Kirby T. Alvy, founder of the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring and Author of
The Positive Parent, gives us the scoop on everything we need to know about NEPI ~ the National Effective Parenting Initiative. Let’s hear what he has to say!

Just Mommies:Thanks for joining us today. When did you first get involved with children and parenting programs?
Dr. Alvy:I’ve always loved children, even as a child. I was actually an uncle at 9 years old! I was so excited that I gave out bubble gum cigars to the kids at my elementary school. After I got my undergraduate degree, I was working at Juvenile Hall for many years and I was just struck by how many kids were abused and hurt by their parents. I couldn’t sleep for weeks, trying to figure out how that could happen. How could some parents be so abusive and cruel to their children? That started me thinking about how we should be doing more for parents, so this doesn’t continue to happen. One of the things that I did at that time, was I went back to school and ended up getting a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and started to do therapy. And then it dawned on me ~ why weren’t we training parents to be better at raising their kids? I had just been trained on how to relate to children in very productive ways, so why weren’t we training the parents, themselves? That’s how I started to get into the whole area of parenting education and training. It just seemed foolish that the people who are with children and have so much impact on their development, are not getting trained and educated. All of that led me to create the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring, about 3 decades ago… and then more recently, I started the National Effective Parenting Initiative (NEPI). It’s my way of helping all kids get the gift of effective parenting.

Just Mommies:That sounds like an amazing organization. Tell us more about NEPI.
Dr. Alvy:We strive to prevent the abuse and neglect of all children. NEPI is a membership organization for parents, professionals who help train parents, and for organizations that are involved in educating and supporting parents. It’s time in this country for all parents to get the type of education and support that they need and deserve because they are doing the most important job in any society- raising the young. And it’s much easier to do that job when you have the proper training and resources. NEPI is designed to give parents that support and make our entire society aware that it is in our best interest to educate the parents of America.

Just Mommies:How do we get involved?
Dr. Alvy:NEPI has different membership programs, each with its own set of benefits and responsibilities. The programs for parents, provide moms and dads with free parenting guides, written by the foremost parenting authorities in America. It gives them regular online ideas on how to be positive parents. There is a newsletter that parents get, discounts on the latest parenting education books, DVDs, seminars and classes. It’s a terrific program! Parents should be flocking to be members of NEPI, because they are going to get so many valuable resources that help them be better moms and dads. Now, the professionals who help parents, and the organizations that become members will also learn how they can be more effective in promoting positive parenting practices. With NEPI, everybody is working together to make it the right of every child to be raised by effective and sensitive parents, who receive the best possible parenting education and support. Please visitwww.ciccparenting.orgfor more info.