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51HarikrishnanboyHindu0Register to vote
52HarishboyHindu0Register to vote
53HarithboycultivatorNorth African1Register to vote
54Harlanboyfrom the armyEnglish1Register to vote
55Harleyboyarmy meadowEnglish0Register to vote
56Harltonboy0Register to vote
57HarmanboysoldierEnglish1Register to vote
58Harmonyboya beautiful blendingEnglish0Register to vote
59Haroldboyarmy-powerEnglish1Register to vote
60Harperboyharp playerEnglish6Register to vote
61Harrisboy1Register to vote
62Harrisonboyson of HarryEnglish5Register to vote
63Harryboy1Register to vote
64HarshboyjoyHindu0Register to vote
65Hartboydeer, stagEnglish0Register to vote
66Hartfordboyfrom the stag's fordAfrican, English0Register to vote
67Hartleyboyfrom the deer pastureEnglish0Register to vote
68Haruboyborn in the springJapanese0Register to vote
69Harveyboyarmy warriorEnglish3Register to vote
70HaschukeboyA name of superiorityAfrican, Hindu0Register to vote
71Haseebboynote keeper0Register to vote
72HassanboyhandsomeArabic2Register to vote
73HasselboyAmerican0Register to vote
74Hassleboy0Register to vote
75HastinboyelephantHindu0Register to vote
76Hastingsboyswift oneGerman1Register to vote
77Haukboywild hawkNorwegian1Register to vote
78Havenboysafe placeEnglish4Register to vote
79HaveryboyStrongAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
80HayatoboyFalconJapanese0Register to vote
81Haycockboy0Register to vote
82Haydenboythe rosy meadowEnglish13Register to vote
83Hayesboyfrom the hedged placeEnglish1Register to vote
84HeathboywastelandEnglish4Register to vote
85HeatherboyAnglo-Saxon4Register to vote
86Hectorboyanchor, steadfastLatin1Register to vote
87HeitorboyAnother form of "Hector", latin form of itGreek0Register to vote
88Helakuboysunny dayNative-American0Register to vote
89Helgiboymeaning 'holy' or 'Godly'Norse0Register to vote
90Hellerboythe sunGerman0Register to vote
91Helmuthboyhelmet, protector, courageGerman0Register to vote
92HemalboyHindu0Register to vote
93Hemangboyone with shining bodyHindu0Register to vote
94Hemantboyname of a seasonHindu0Register to vote
95Hemendraboylord of goldHindu1Register to vote
96Hengistboyson of WodonAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
97HenleyboyAmerican, English1Register to vote
98Henningboyruler of an estateTeutonic2Register to vote
99Henriboy2Register to vote
100Henryboyruler of the homeGerman24Register to vote
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