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1Ja'Meshaboyfrom JamesAmerican2Register to vote
2JaasielboyMale 3Register to vote
3Jabariboybrave, fearlessAfrican4Register to vote
4JabirboycomforterArabic1Register to vote
5Jaceboy20Register to vote
6Jacenboy3Register to vote
7Jaceyonboydestined for greatness American4Register to vote
8JackboyGod is gracious; also a nickname for JohnHebrew32Register to vote
9Jacksonboyson of JackEnglish56Register to vote
10Jacobboyheld by the heelHebrew35Register to vote
11JacobieboyAmerican0Register to vote
12Jacobyboy4Register to vote
13Jacquesboyfrom the name JacobFrench2Register to vote
14Jacyboythe moonNative-American5Register to vote
15JadakoboySmall but mighty & strongAfrican, Native-American4Register to vote
16JadenboyGod has heardHebrew26Register to vote
17JadielboySpanish2Register to vote
18JadolfboyAmerican1Register to vote
19JadonboyGod has heardHebrew2Register to vote
20JaedonboyJehovah has heardHebrew4Register to vote
21Jaegerboyoutdoors manGerman1Register to vote
22Jael boyAmerican, Latin2Register to vote
23Jaelonboystrong & sophisticated oneAfrican4Register to vote
24Jaenboymeans ostrichHebrew1Register to vote
25Jafarboylittle streamHindu3Register to vote
26Jaggerboya teamsterEnglish2Register to vote
27JahdaiboyWhom Jehova directs;grasperHebrew1Register to vote
28Jahmalboy3Register to vote
29JahmirboyJapanese3Register to vote
30JaiboyGod,peaceAmerican, Hindu2Register to vote
31JaidenboyGos has heard4Register to vote
32JaidevboyGod of victoryHindu1Register to vote
33Jaimeboyfrom the name JamesSpanish2Register to vote
34Jaiwanthboy2Register to vote
35JakaciaboyAmerican0Register to vote
36Jakeboyform of JacobHebrew12Register to vote
37Jakobboyform of JacobDanish1Register to vote
38JalboywandererEnglish1Register to vote
39Jaleelboygreat, fineArabic5Register to vote
40Jalenboybird of lightArabic, American6Register to vote
41Jamacoboyhonest, loyalAfrican, Czech, Native-American, Polish0Register to vote
42JamalboybeautyArabic3Register to vote
43Jamereboy1Register to vote
44JamesboysupplanterHebrew30Register to vote
45Jamesonboyson of JamesEnglish10Register to vote
46Jamieboyvariant of JamesIrish2Register to vote
47JamilboyJaime 0Register to vote
48Jamisonboyson of JamesEnglish10Register to vote
49Janboy3Register to vote
50Janakboyfather of SitaHindu2Register to vote
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