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1WadegirlAfrican, American, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Basque, Celtic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, Gaelic, German1Register to vote
2Wakandagirlinner magical powerNative-American2Register to vote
3Walburgagirla might defender, a fortressAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
4Waltraudgirlrule strengthTeutonic1Register to vote
5WandagirlwandererGerman7Register to vote
6WanetagirlchargerNative-American2Register to vote
7Wanitagirl2Register to vote
8WanwisagirlAmerican0Register to vote
9WapekagirlskillfulNative-American0Register to vote
10WasemegirlAfrican0Register to vote
11Watekagirl0Register to vote
12Waverlygirl1Register to vote
13WayagirlWolfNative-American1Register to vote
14Webergirl0Register to vote
15Welyennegirl0Register to vote
16WencygirlAmerican0Register to vote
17WendagirlwandererTeutonic2Register to vote
18WendygirlfairEnglish5Register to vote
19Wenonagirlfirst born daughterNative-American1Register to vote
20WesleygirlAmerican, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Japanese, Latin, Welsh0Register to vote
21Wessilinegirl1Register to vote
22Westgirl0Register to vote
23Whitleygirl1Register to vote
24WhitneegirlHawaiian, Spanish1Register to vote
25Whitneygirlfrom the white islandEnglish8Register to vote
26Whoopigirl1Register to vote
27WidjangirlecstasyArabic0Register to vote
28WihtburthgirlAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
29Wildagirlforest dwellerAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
30Wilhelminagirlresolute protectorTeutonic3Register to vote
31Willagirlfierce protectorTeutonic3Register to vote
32Willettegirlresolute protectorTeutonic1Register to vote
33WilliannegirlPretty and SmartEnglish, Irish0Register to vote
34Willowgirl20Register to vote
35Wilmagirl American0Register to vote
36Wilmari girlRoseAmerican, Latin, Spanish0Register to vote
37WilonagirldesiredEnglish1Register to vote
38WilsongirlEnglish0Register to vote
39WindagirlhuntSwahili0Register to vote
40Winemagirlfemale chiefNative-American0Register to vote
41Winifredgirlfriend of peaceEnglish4Register to vote
42Winniegirl6Register to vote
43Winonagirlfirstborn daughterNative-American2Register to vote
44WintergirlwinterEnglish12Register to vote
45Wisteriagirlflower, crayon color, character in witch and wizard1Register to vote
46Wkinicagirlperfect girlFrench0Register to vote
47Wyliegirl2Register to vote
48WynflædgirlAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
49WynngirlfairWelsh2Register to vote
50Wynnegirllight complexionedCeltic2Register to vote
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