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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1HaaleegirlAmerican4Register to vote
2HabikagirlsweetheartAfrican4Register to vote
3Hadaragirlbedecked in beautyHebrew4Register to vote
4Hadassagirlflowering myrtleHebrew5Register to vote
5Hadiegirlwonder of earthPolish1Register to vote
6Hadiyagirlguide to righteousness, giftArabic2Register to vote
7HadleighgirlAmerican3Register to vote
8HadleygirlMeadow of Heather15Register to vote
9Hae-Ingirlsea of mercyJapanese1Register to vote
10Haeleighgirlvariation of Hailey1Register to vote
11Haelyngirl6Register to vote
12HaideegirlmodestGreek2Register to vote
13HaifagirlslenderArabic2Register to vote
14Haileegirlbest friendAmerican0Register to vote
15Haileygirl32Register to vote
16Hailiegirl2Register to vote
17Hailyanagirl3Register to vote
18Haimigirlthe seekerHawaiian1Register to vote
19Hajagirl1Register to vote
20Hakugirlmeans to utterJapanese0Register to vote
21Halannagirlvictory of the peopleAmerican, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian1Register to vote
22HalcyongirlKind peasant Anglo-Saxon0Register to vote
23Haldisgirlstone spirit; reliable, assistantTeutonic, Norse0Register to vote
24Halegirlhero; army rulerEnglish2Register to vote
25Haleighgirl2Register to vote
26Haleighagirlhouse of the rising sunHawaiian1Register to vote
27HaleygirlheroScandinavian16Register to vote
28Haligirlsea; necklace, place nameGreek, Hebrew2Register to vote
29HalieghgirlpeacefulFrench, Irish1Register to vote
30HalimagirlgentleAfrican1Register to vote
31Hallegirl4Register to vote
32Halleygirl2Register to vote
33HalliannagirlGerman2Register to vote
34Halliegirlthinking of the seaGreek14Register to vote
35HalogirlDivine AuraGreek4Register to vote
36HalonagirlfortunateNative-American1Register to vote
37Hanagirlflower, blossom; graceful, mercifulJapanese, Hebrew2Register to vote
38Hanakogirl1Register to vote
39HanangirlmercyAfrican1Register to vote
40HaneegirlHindu1Register to vote
41Hanellegirlbetween Hannah and JoelleAmerican2Register to vote
42HaNeulgirlskyKorean1Register to vote
43HanhgirlVietamese name means happiness0Register to vote
44Hannagirl2Register to vote
45Hannahgirlgrace of GodHebrew263Register to vote
46HannegirlgraciousHebrew1Register to vote
47Hareldagirlmighty in battleTeutonic3Register to vote
48HarikagirlwonderfulTurkish3Register to vote
49HarleengirlFriendlyAmerican, Latin2Register to vote
50Harleygirl9Register to vote
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