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1Maartenboyfondness of warDutch2Register to vote
2Mableviboydo not deceiveAfrican1Register to vote
3Macboyson ofScottish, Irish, English2Register to vote
4MacauleyboyrighteousScottish0Register to vote
5Maceboyaromatic spiceLatin1Register to vote
6Mackenzieboyson of the wise leaderGaelic2Register to vote
7Mackinleyboyson of the fair hero or son of the white warriorScottish2Register to vote
8MacklindboyGerman0Register to vote
9Macnairboyson of the heirGaelic1Register to vote
10Maconboyto makeEnglish0Register to vote
11Macyboyfrom Matthew's land; clubFrench, English2Register to vote
12MadanboyHindu0Register to vote
13Maddockboychampion, good fortuneWelsh1Register to vote
14MaddoxboybeneficientCeltic15Register to vote
15MadhavboyKrishnaHindu0Register to vote
16MadhusudhanaboyKrishnaHindu0Register to vote
17Madisonboyson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman2Register to vote
18Magicboy0Register to vote
19Magikboy1Register to vote
20Magneboyfierce warriorNorse1Register to vote
21Magnusboylarge; the greatLatin0Register to vote
22Magusboy0Register to vote
23MahabalaboystrengthHindu0Register to vote
24Mahaviraboyson of PriyavrataHindu0Register to vote
25MaheshboyHindu1Register to vote
26MahmoudboyArabic1Register to vote
27Maisonboy2Register to vote
28Maitlandboydweller in the meadowEnglish0Register to vote
29Maitreyaboydisciple of sage ParasaraHindu1Register to vote
30MajorboygreaterLatin1Register to vote
31MakaiboyToward the seaHawaiian0Register to vote
32Makepeaceboypeace makerEnglish0Register to vote
33makonboyto makeAmerican0Register to vote
34Malachiboymessenger of GodHebrew3Register to vote
35MalayahboyAfrican0Register to vote
36Malcolmboyroyal bloodScottish2Register to vote
37Malcomboydisciple of Saint ColumbiaScottish3Register to vote
38Maleficentboy0Register to vote
39Malfoyboy2Register to vote
40MalikboymasterArabic3Register to vote
41MaliqueboymasterAfrican, French0Register to vote
42MallisonboyNative-American0Register to vote
43Maloryboy1Register to vote
44Malvinboy0Register to vote
45Malvolioboy0Register to vote
46Mamilliusboy0Register to vote
47MamoruboyearthJapanese1Register to vote
48ManavendraboyHindu0Register to vote
49MancoboykingPeruvian0Register to vote
50Mandekboyarmy manPolish3Register to vote
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