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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Gabbygirl9Register to vote
2Gaberiellegirl4Register to vote
3Gabriellagirl25Register to vote
4GabriellegirlGod is my strengthHebrew27Register to vote
5GabriellengirlIndependent, dependent, friendly, generous1Register to vote
6GabriellygirlGaby3Register to vote
7Gabygirl5Register to vote
8GaeagirlGoddess of the EarthGreek2Register to vote
9Gaiagirl0Register to vote
10Gailgirlgay, livelyEnglish3Register to vote
11Gainellgirlto profit1Register to vote
12Gainesgirlincrease in wealthEnglish0Register to vote
13Gajendragirlelephant kingHindu1Register to vote
14GalagirlsingerSwedish4Register to vote
15Galanagirlalternate spelling of Galena2Register to vote
16Galatagirl 0Register to vote
17Galateagirlmilk-whiteGreek2Register to vote
18Galatiagirl(Galatea)Greek1Register to vote
19GalegirlstrangerIrish3Register to vote
20Galenagirl 0Register to vote
21Galigirlspring, fountainHebrew1Register to vote
22Galianagirlsupreme oneGerman1Register to vote
23GalinagirllightRussian0Register to vote
24GalyagirlGod is redeemedHebrew2Register to vote
25Gamoragirl0Register to vote
26GanagirlgardenHebrew1Register to vote
27Ganesagirlgood luckHindu1Register to vote
28GanikagirlHindu1Register to vote
29GarbriellagirlGod is my strenghtAfrican1Register to vote
30GardagirlprotectedTeutonic2Register to vote
31GargigirlHindu0Register to vote
32Gariellegirlkind, educated, gorgous princessHebrew0Register to vote
33GauravgirlHindu0Register to vote
34GaurigirlyellowHindu1Register to vote
35Gayatrigirlmother of the VedasHindu1Register to vote
36GayegirllightheartedFrench, Teutonic0Register to vote
37GaylagirlgirlEnglish0Register to vote
38Gaynorgirlindependant, strong, mysterious, family orientatedWelsh1Register to vote
39Geenagirl0Register to vote
40Gelasiagirlpredisposed to laughterGreek0Register to vote
41Gelseygirla flowerPersian1Register to vote
42Gemgirl a bright light of confidenceAfrican3Register to vote
43GemmagirljewelLatin4Register to vote
44Genaneivegirl3Register to vote
45GenesisgirloriginHebrew5Register to vote
46Genevievegirlwhite waveFrench16Register to vote
47Genidethgirlbaby girlArabic1Register to vote
48Geniegirl2Register to vote
49GenjigirlgoldChinese3Register to vote
50GentarragirlProducer on earthAmerican0Register to vote
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