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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1FabianboybeanLatin2Register to vote
2Fabioboy Native-American0Register to vote
3FabronboymechanicLatin0Register to vote
4Fairfaxboyblond-hairedEnglish1Register to vote
5FalconboyA Bird from the Hawk FamilyEnglish1Register to vote
6Falgunboymonth in the Hindu calendarHindu1Register to vote
7Falknerboyfalcon trainerEnglish0Register to vote
8Fangornboy0Register to vote
9FarajiboyconsolationAfrican0Register to vote
10Faramirboyan introduction to elvish0Register to vote
11FarélboySpanish0Register to vote
12FarielboyPersian0Register to vote
13FarkasboywolfHungarian0Register to vote
14Farleyboydistant meadowEnglish1Register to vote
15FarmanboytravelerAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
16FarrarboyblacksmithLatin0Register to vote
17Farrellboycourageous, man of valorCeltic, English0Register to vote
18FauntleroyboyEnglish, Irish1Register to vote
19Fawcettboy1Register to vote
20Faxonboylong hairTeutonic3Register to vote
21FearboyEnglish0Register to vote
22FebruusboyPagan GodLatin1Register to vote
23FelixboyhappyLatin8Register to vote
24Fenileboy0Register to vote
25Fentonboymarshland dwellerEnglish2Register to vote
26Ferdinandboycourageous travelerGerman1Register to vote
27Ferencboyindependent, freeLatin2Register to vote
28Fergusboyof manly strengthCeltic1Register to vote
29Fergusonboyson of FergusCeltic0Register to vote
30FerranboybakerArabic0Register to vote
31FerrellboybraveIrish1Register to vote
32Ferrisboyrock, ironCeltic, Latin1Register to vote
33Fethryboy0Register to vote
34FiandroboySon of godEnglish0Register to vote
35Fidelboyfaithful and sincereSpanish0Register to vote
36FieldingboyfieldEnglish1Register to vote
37Figaroboy0Register to vote
38Finchboy0Register to vote
39FindlayboyEnglish0Register to vote
40Finlayboyfair heroScottish, English2Register to vote
41Finlayboyfair heroe, sunbeamScottish, English0Register to vote
42FinnboylaplanderNorwegian8Register to vote
43FinnleyboyAmerican1Register to vote
44FionaboySon0Register to vote
45Fionnboywhite, fairCeltic0Register to vote
46Fionnboyfoxglove flowerWelsh1Register to vote
47Fionnboyfoxglove flowerWelsh0Register to vote
48FirenzeboyflowerHungarian0Register to vote
49FiskboyfishermanSwedish1Register to vote
50FitzboysonLatin0Register to vote
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