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1Ka'Liyahgirlkind hearted15Register to vote
2Ka'nahgirlAfrican3Register to vote
3KaalomygirlHawianHawaiian2Register to vote
4KaalyngirlStrong. Willful leader. Yet feminine. Dutch2Register to vote
5KaatjegirlpureDutch2Register to vote
6KabrinagirlDerives from Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. means easy-going and refined.2Register to vote
7Kaceygirleagle-eyedIrish9Register to vote
8Kacheyenne girlindian chief worrior1Register to vote
9Kachinegirlsacred dancerNative-American2Register to vote
10Kachirigirlindependent nature.Native-American, Spanish0Register to vote
11Kacigirl3Register to vote
12KaciegirlGerman4Register to vote
13KadencegirlAmerican10Register to vote
14KadianngirlAfrican, English0Register to vote
15KadiegirlAmerican, Welsh1Register to vote
16Kadijagirlthe prophet's wiltAfrican1Register to vote
17KadishagirlholyHebrew1Register to vote
18Kadygirl1Register to vote
19Kadyngirl4Register to vote
20Kaedegirlmaple leafJapanese0Register to vote
21KaedigirlChaste, PureEnglish1Register to vote
22Kaejiigirlsnow/silver (Pronounced Kay-jee)American0Register to vote
23KaelagirlAmerican1Register to vote
24KaelanigirlHawaiian7Register to vote
25Kaelengirlform of Kaelyn; Kaylyn combination of Kay and Lynn.1Register to vote
26Kaelingirlform of Kaelyn; Kaylyn combination of Kay and Lynn.American2Register to vote
27kaelongirlAfrican1Register to vote
28KaelyngirlmeadowEnglish7Register to vote
29KaethegirlpureGreek0Register to vote
30Kafkagirl0Register to vote
31Kahleekagirlbeautiful flower bud,strong,sporty,kindEnglish, Scandinavian2Register to vote
32KahlennagirlAmerican0Register to vote
33Kahlikagirlstrong,wisdomScandinavian1Register to vote
34Kahlika-AnngirlStrong minded,friendly,creative artsHebrew, Scandinavian1Register to vote
35Kahlikkagirlbeautiful flower bud,strong,sporty,kindEnglish, Scandinavian0Register to vote
36Kahliliagirlsincere friendAmerican1Register to vote
37Kaigirlsea, willow treeHawaiian6Register to vote
38KaiagirlearthGreek11Register to vote
39KaiannegirlSounds like cayenne (pepper)Hebrew, Japanese1Register to vote
40KaiegirlcombatCeltic1Register to vote
41KailagirlMidnightGreek2Register to vote
42Kailanigirl7Register to vote
43Kaileegirlkeeper of the keys, pureAmerican5Register to vote
44KaileengirlFun; energeticIrish3Register to vote
45Kaileigirl3Register to vote
46KaileighagirlA very strong and passionate person English3Register to vote
47KaileygirlunusualArabic7Register to vote
48Kailigirla deityHawaiian1Register to vote
49Kailygirllittle rosebudAmerican3Register to vote
50Kailyngirl9Register to vote
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