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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Cabeboy4Register to vote
2CableboyropeFrench4Register to vote
3Cabotboy1Register to vote
4CabraboyIrish, Latin0Register to vote
5CadeboypureWelsh10Register to vote
6Cadenboy23Register to vote
7CadenceboyrhythmaticAmerican1Register to vote
8Cadeoboyfolk songVietnamese2Register to vote
9CadmanboywarriorCeltic0Register to vote
10Caedmonboywise warriorCeltic0Register to vote
11CaelixboyStrong Swedish, Welsh2Register to vote
12Caesarboylong hairedLatin2Register to vote
13Cageboyan enclosed space2Register to vote
14CaiboyCai1Register to vote
15CailanboychildGaelic3Register to vote
16CainboycraftsmanHebrew3Register to vote
17Cainan boypossessor; purchaser African, Hebrew0Register to vote
18CaiusboyrejoiceLatin0Register to vote
19CajanboyLatin0Register to vote
20Calamityboyson of disaster Latin, Teutonic0Register to vote
21Calderboyriver of stones, streamEnglish2Register to vote
22Caldwellboycold springEnglish1Register to vote
23Caleboytaken from Caleb0Register to vote
24Calebboybold, dogHebrew50Register to vote
25CalevboyAmerican0Register to vote
26CalhounboywarriorEnglish0Register to vote
27Calibanboya slave0Register to vote
28CalinaboyflowerIrish, Welsh1Register to vote
29CaliounboyAfrican, American0Register to vote
30Calistoboymost beautifulGreek0Register to vote
31CalixboyA chaliceLatin2Register to vote
32Calixtoboya chaliceLatin1Register to vote
33Callinboystrong and manlyEnglish2Register to vote
34CallisboycupLatin0Register to vote
35CallumboyEnglish4Register to vote
36CalsinboyIrish1Register to vote
37CalvertboyshepherdEnglish3Register to vote
38CalvinboybaldLatin3Register to vote
39Camboyorange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sunVietnamese, English3Register to vote
40CambronboyAmerican, English0Register to vote
41Camdenboyfrom the winding valleyScottish12Register to vote
42Cameronboybent noseEnglish13Register to vote
43Camlinboycrooked lineCeltic1Register to vote
44Cammron boySpanish2Register to vote
45Campbellboybeautiful fieldFrench1Register to vote
46CanadyboyStrongAfrican2Register to vote
47CandanboysincerelyTurkish3Register to vote
48CanisboyDogGreek1Register to vote
49Cannonboy4Register to vote
50CanuteboyknotNorwegian1Register to vote
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