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1A'JagirlAfrican16Register to vote
2A'MarianagirlbeautifulAmerican14Register to vote
3A'miyahgirlBeautiful oneAmerican17Register to vote
4A'nayaagirlbeautiful Arabic9Register to vote
5A'NiyagirlAfrican, American5Register to vote
6Aa'iuoauioegirlregalHawaiian2Register to vote
7Aaliyahgirlhigh exalted, to ascendArabic, Hebrew36Register to vote
8AalliyahgirlLove8Register to vote
9Aaralyngirl10Register to vote
10AasiagirlHindu, Hebrew6Register to vote
11Aavyngirl3Register to vote
12Abagirlborn on ThursdayAfrican5Register to vote
13Abajagirl1Register to vote
14AbbeygirlAmerican17Register to vote
15AbbigirlEnglish11Register to vote
16AbbiegirlAmerican22Register to vote
17Abbielgirl5Register to vote
18Abbigaylegirlfrom abigaiAmerican4Register to vote
19AbbottgirlfatherArabic1Register to vote
20Abbragirlexample, lessonHebrew4Register to vote
21Abbygirlhead of a monasteryLatin29Register to vote
22AbebagirlFrom Ethiopia,meaning a flowerAfrican3Register to vote
23AbellagirlchildAssyrian5Register to vote
24AbellinagirlAmerican1Register to vote
25Abenigirlgirl prayed forAfrican3Register to vote
26Abeogirlcome to bring happinessAfrican2Register to vote
27AbeygirlleafNative-American4Register to vote
28Abhagirllustrous beautyHindu2Register to vote
29AbhilashagirldesireHindu0Register to vote
30AbhinandanagirlcongratsHindu2Register to vote
31AbiagirlgreatArabic2Register to vote
32Abiannegirlcombination of Abigail and AnneAmerican3Register to vote
33Abibagirlchild born after grandmother diedAfrican2Register to vote
34Abiegirlfather or mother of manyHebrew2Register to vote
35Abigailgirlhead of a monastery, a father's joyEnglish, Hebrew53Register to vote
36AbihaagirlgreatArabic1Register to vote
37AbilyngirlAfrican1Register to vote
38Abinagirlborn on a TuesdayGhanese1Register to vote
39Abionagirlborn on a journeyYoruban3Register to vote
40AbiragirlstrongHebrew4Register to vote
41Abragirlfather of a multitudeHebrew0Register to vote
42AbreegirlAmerican1Register to vote
43AbriannagirlMother of many nationsHebrew6Register to vote
44Abriegirlcame up with this myselfAmerican0Register to vote
45Abriellegirl5Register to vote
46Abyssiniagirl4Register to vote
47Acaciagirlthorny, naiveGreek6Register to vote
48AcadiagirlcaddieCanadian2Register to vote
49Acanitgirlhard timesUgandan1Register to vote
50AcanthagirlthornyGreek0Register to vote
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