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1NabenduboyHindu3Register to vote
2Nabulungboydo not receiveAfrican1Register to vote
3NachiketaboyHindu0Register to vote
4Nachmankeboycompassionate one, one who comfortsHebrew1Register to vote
5NadairboyBrave/famed soldier and fearless man/soulRussian1Register to vote
6Nadavboynobel, a generous oneHebrew0Register to vote
7NaeemboybenevolentAfrican0Register to vote
8Naheemboy1Register to vote
9Naiemboyloving1Register to vote
10NaimishboyHindu1Register to vote
11Nairneboyfrom the narrow river gladeScottish0Register to vote
12Nakiahboy0Register to vote
13NakulboyHindu0Register to vote
14Naldoboyof mighty or wiseTeutonic0Register to vote
15Nalrenboy0Register to vote
16Namdevboypoet, saintHindu1Register to vote
17NandaboyHindu0Register to vote
18Nandinboythe delightful, follower of ShivaHindu0Register to vote
19NándorboyHungarian0Register to vote
20NantanboyspokesmanNative-American1Register to vote
21Napoleonboylion of the woods; from the city of NaplesGreek, Italian0Register to vote
22NarayanaboyVishnuHindu0Register to vote
23Narcisoboya lily, daffodilLatin2Register to vote
24Narcissusboyself-loveGreek0Register to vote
25NareshboyHindu0Register to vote
26Narsiboypoet, saintHindu1Register to vote
27Nartanaboymakes others danceHindu0Register to vote
28NashboycliffEnglish3Register to vote
29Nashtonboy1Register to vote
30NassirboyprotectorArabic0Register to vote
31Nateboy6Register to vote
32Nathanboygift of GodHebrew17Register to vote
33Nathanielboygift of GodHebrew8Register to vote
34Navaroneboy1Register to vote
35NaveenboyHindu1Register to vote
36NayanboyHindu2Register to vote
37Nayibboy1Register to vote
38NazboyShort for Nazeeh or NazyahArabic0Register to vote
39Nazgûlboy0Register to vote
40NazyahboyArabic0Register to vote
41NealboychampionGaelic3Register to vote
42NedimboyTurkish0Register to vote
43NeekoboyWondrous; strongHebrew3Register to vote
44NeelboyblueHindu0Register to vote
45NeerajboyHindu1Register to vote
46NehemiahboyGod's compassionHebrew2Register to vote
47Neilboy0Register to vote
48Neimonboy0Register to vote
49Nejeeboy0Register to vote
50NekboyItalian2Register to vote
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