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1SaayaboySwift arrowJapanese3Register to vote
2SabanboyAmerican0Register to vote
3SabbirboyHaving will power to do anythingArabic2Register to vote
4SabolaboyprophetessEgyptian1Register to vote
5Sachaboyhelper and defender of mankindRussian3Register to vote
6Sachchitboytruth, consciousnessHindu0Register to vote
7Sachielboyangel of waterHebrew0Register to vote
8SachinboyHindu0Register to vote
9SadiboyTurkish0Register to vote
10SadurniboyCatalan1Register to vote
11SaelboyLatin nameLatin1Register to vote
12SafakboyTurkish0Register to vote
13SagarboykingHindu1Register to vote
14Sageboy2Register to vote
15Sagivboymighty, with strengthHebrew1Register to vote
16SahadevboyprinceHindu0Register to vote
17SahaleboyaboveNative-American0Register to vote
18SahenboyfalconHindu0Register to vote
19SahibboysirHindu1Register to vote
20SahibaboyHungarian, Spanish0Register to vote
21Saifoulayeboy0Register to vote
22Saijorboyform of sageAmerican0Register to vote
23Sailorboy5Register to vote
24SaisaranboyHindu0Register to vote
25SakshiboyHindu2Register to vote
26Salboy1Register to vote
27Salanioboy0Register to vote
28Salazarboy2Register to vote
29SalehboyrighteousArabic2Register to vote
30Salerioboy0Register to vote
31SalimboypeaceAfrican0Register to vote
32Salisburyboydry townAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
33Salmanboyprotector, conquerorArabic0Register to vote
34SalomanboypeacefulHebrew1Register to vote
35SalvadorboysaviourSpanish2Register to vote
36Salvatoreboy4Register to vote
37Salviniboy0Register to vote
38Samboyto hearHebrew10Register to vote
39Samboboy0Register to vote
40SameianboyAfrican, American0Register to vote
41SamiahboyAfrican, American1Register to vote
42Samienboyto be heardArabic2Register to vote
43SamirboywindHindu1Register to vote
44SamithboyHindu1Register to vote
45Sammieboymusical, athletic, funAmerican3Register to vote
46SammonboygrocerArabic2Register to vote
47Sammyboy4Register to vote
48SampathboyHindu1Register to vote
49Sampsonboy1Register to vote
50Samsonboylike the sun, his ministryHebrew2Register to vote
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