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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Quenboy0Register to vote
2Qrewboyalternate spelling of the name Crew0Register to vote
3Quagmireboydifficult, precarious or entrapping position0Register to vote
4QuintonboyFifth0Register to vote
5Quasimodoboy0Register to vote
6QuinntenboyboyAfrican0Register to vote
7QuintboyAmerican0Register to vote
8QuaddenboyAmerican0Register to vote
9QwanellboyAmerican1Register to vote
10QadimboyancientArabic1Register to vote
11QudamahboycourageArabic0Register to vote
12QabilboyableArabic0Register to vote
13QadirboypowerfulArabic1Register to vote
14QamarboymoonArabic1Register to vote
15QasimboydividerArabic1Register to vote
16Quasimboyone who divides goods among his peopleArabic1Register to vote
17QuonboybrightChinese0Register to vote
18Quennelboydweller by the oak treeFrench0Register to vote
19Quennellboysmall oakFrench0Register to vote
20Quincyboyestate belonging to QuintusFrench1Register to vote
21QuillanboyclubGaelic1Register to vote
22Quinnboywise, queen, fifth bornGaelic, Greek4Register to vote
23Quantboyhow much?Greek1Register to vote
24QimatboyvaluableHindu0Register to vote
25QuasarboymeteoriteHindu0Register to vote
26Quinlanboywell-shaped, athleticIrish2Register to vote
27Quigleyboymaternal sideIrish0Register to vote
28QuadeboyfourthLatin1Register to vote
29Quintinboythe fifthLatin1Register to vote
30QianaboyLatin0Register to vote
31Quentinboyfifth-born childLatin1Register to vote
32Quinbyboyfrom the queen's estateScandinavian1Register to vote
33Quimbyboywoman's estateScandinavian1Register to vote
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