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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Xornboy2Register to vote
2Xenithboy---1Register to vote
3XadrianboyStrong Warrior3Register to vote
4Xavionboy3Register to vote
5Xanderboyfrom Alexander11Register to vote
6X'zayveanboyAmerican3Register to vote
7Xainimboy-American1Register to vote
8Xavierboybright, new houseArabic, Basque17Register to vote
9XantiboyBasque1Register to vote
10XiaoboyGalician2Register to vote
11XanboyGalician5Register to vote
12XurxoboyGalician1Register to vote
13XenosboystrangerGreek1Register to vote
14XylonboyforestGreek1Register to vote
15Xenophonboystrange voiceGreek1Register to vote
16XanthusboyyellowGreek1Register to vote
17XUANboy Native-American2Register to vote
18XerxesboyprincePersian3Register to vote
19XimenboyobedientSpanish1Register to vote
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