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1Yehudiboypraise god, a man from JudahHebrew4Register to vote
2Yarinboyto understandHebrew4Register to vote
3Yadidboyfriend, belovedHebrew3Register to vote
4YaiddenboyHawaiian, Hebrew, Russian3Register to vote
5YanisboyGod's giftHebrew3Register to vote
6Yadonboyhe will judgeHebrew2Register to vote
7Yvesboyyew, archerTeutonic2Register to vote
8YogeshboyHindu2Register to vote
9YigitboyTurkish2Register to vote
10YasarboyArabic2Register to vote
11Yaronboyhe will singHebrew2Register to vote
12YanaboybearNative-American2Register to vote
13YahyaboyArabic1Register to vote
14YahtoboyblueNative-American1Register to vote
15Yoshiboybetter, bestJapanese1Register to vote
16YeshayaboyHebrew1Register to vote
17YowahboyEskimo Name: Seal peaks out of ice holeNative-American1Register to vote
18YanboyGod's graceHebrew1Register to vote
19Yasuoboypeaceful oneJapanese1Register to vote
20YasinboyprophetArabic1Register to vote
21YashboyHindu1Register to vote
22Yardleyboyof the yardEnglish0Register to vote
23Yaoboy0Register to vote
24YoshimitsuboyJapanese0Register to vote
25YoshifumiboyJapanese0Register to vote
26YardanboykingArabic0Register to vote
27Yorkboyyew tree, from the farm of yew treesEnglish0Register to vote
28Yakecanboysky, songNative-American0Register to vote
29Yohannboyform of JohanGerman0Register to vote
30Yogiboyone of the yoga practiceJapanese0Register to vote
31Yakovboythe supplanter, held by the heelHebrew, Russian0Register to vote
32YogendraboyHindu0Register to vote
33Yobachiboypray to GodAfrican0Register to vote
34YoboyhonestCambodian0Register to vote
35Yngvarboyof Ing's armyNorse0Register to vote
36Yaleboyone who pays or produces, corner of landGerman0Register to vote
37YestinboyjustWelsh0Register to vote
38YashodharboyHindu0Register to vote
39Yanniboyform of JohnGreek0Register to vote
40Yerikboyappointed by GodRussian0Register to vote
41YeomanboyattendantEnglish0Register to vote
42YannickboyFrench0Register to vote
43YenerboyTurkish0Register to vote
44Yatharthaboyfilled with full of joy in lifeHindu0Register to vote
45YazidboyArabic0Register to vote
46Yatesboygate keeperEnglish0Register to vote
47Yasashikuboygentle, politeJapanese0Register to vote
48Yasirboyto be rich, to be easyArabic0Register to vote
49YashwantboygloriousHindu0Register to vote
50YashpalboyHindu0Register to vote
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