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51Opheliagirluseful, wiseGreek12Register to vote
52OphiragirlgoldGreek1Register to vote
53OprahgirlfawnHebrew0Register to vote
54OragirlseacoastLatin1Register to vote
55Oraliagirlthe goldenLatin1Register to vote
56OranegirlrisingFrench0Register to vote
57Orendagirlmagic powerNative-American0Register to vote
58Orianagirldawn; eastLatin1Register to vote
59Oriannagirlgolden, dawningLatin1Register to vote
60Oribelgirlgolden beautyLatin0Register to vote
61Oriegirl0Register to vote
62Orielgirlgolden, angel of destinyFrench1Register to vote
63Oriellagirlmixture between oriel (a bird) and ella (part of a flower's name)American0Register to vote
64Orindagirlfire serpentTeutonic1Register to vote
65Oriolegirlfair-hairedLatin1Register to vote
66Orlagirlgolden womanLatin1Register to vote
67Orlandagirlbright sunLatin0Register to vote
68Orlanthagirlfrom the landGerman0Register to vote
69Orlenagirlthe goldenLatin0Register to vote
70Ororogirl0Register to vote
71Ortensiagirlgardener, farmerLatin0Register to vote
72Orvagirlcourageous friendAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
73OsheengirlAmerican, Japanese1Register to vote
74OshenagirlNative-American0Register to vote
75Ovegirl0Register to vote
76OwamigirlShe is mineAfrican0Register to vote
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