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1Xandragirlform of ZandraGreek7Register to vote
2XariagirlPrincess of the Forest,form of Zaria.American7Register to vote
3XiomaragirlSpanish6Register to vote
4XyrissegirlIdealism and the urge to help othersAfrican5Register to vote
5XenagirlguestGreek5Register to vote
6Xoe girlEnglish4Register to vote
7Xyzagirlby the sea4Register to vote
8Xiu Meigirlbeautiful plumChinese4Register to vote
9XeniagirlhospitableGreek4Register to vote
10Xaelahgirl(Zay lah)Greek4Register to vote
11Xaelagirl(Zay lah)4Register to vote
12Xylinagirlof the woodsGreek3Register to vote
13Xylonagirlfrom the forestGreek3Register to vote
14Xjhanagirlfun, uniqueAfrican, Welsh3Register to vote
15Xandygirlprotector of manGreek3Register to vote
16Xantegirl.Basque2Register to vote
17XaeligirlLike KaeliAmerican2Register to vote
18XaedagirlAmerican2Register to vote
19XynagirlAmerican2Register to vote
20Xiairagirlsounds like ciara (ksi-air-uh)American2Register to vote
21Xochitlgirl"Flower" in Nahuatl2Register to vote
22Xanthiagirlyellow, fair-hairedGreek2Register to vote
23Xanthegirlyellow, fair hairGreek2Register to vote
24XaquelinagirlGalician2Register to vote
25Xavieragirlbright, new houseArabic, Basque2Register to vote
26XianggirlfragrantChinese2Register to vote
27XimenagirlHebrew2Register to vote
28Xyliargirlto not be afraidLatin1Register to vote
29XylohgirlA girl's name.1Register to vote
30XyleagirlEnglish1Register to vote
31Xenniahgirlpronounced Zen-YaAmerican1Register to vote
32XylagirlAmerican1Register to vote
33XuangirlspringVietnamese1Register to vote
34Xyliagirlwood dwellerGreek1Register to vote
35Xiasiagirl1Register to vote
36Xavieregirl0Register to vote
37Xuxagirlform of SusannaPortuguese0Register to vote
38XaviagirlFeminine form of Xavier0Register to vote
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