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1JaydenboyGod has heardAmerican43Register to vote
2Macygirlthe oceanAmerican29Register to vote
3AbbiegirlAmerican22Register to vote
4 adrian boystrongAmerican22Register to vote
5A'miyahgirlBeautiful oneAmerican17Register to vote
6AbbeygirlAmerican17Register to vote
7BaileygirlAmerican17Register to vote
8MaddiegirlNever gives up.American15Register to vote
9A'MarianagirlbeautifulAmerican14Register to vote
10aerabellagirlbeautifulAmerican13Register to vote
11HarpergirlAmerican13Register to vote
12NeveahgirlHeaven spelled backwardsAmerican12Register to vote
13JadyngirlAmerican10Register to vote
14KadencegirlAmerican10Register to vote
15Blazeboya flameAmerican10Register to vote
16PeytongirlAmerican9Register to vote
17JourneygirlAmerican8Register to vote
18EmbrygirlAmerican8Register to vote
19CasidygirlAmerican7Register to vote
20KaydenboyAmerican7Register to vote
21XariagirlPrincess of the Forest,form of Zaria.American7Register to vote
22AffinitygirlAmerican7Register to vote
23Adianagirlthe night's falling reveals the angels' beautyAmerican6Register to vote
24CharliegirlAmerican6Register to vote
25ZanessagirlAmerican6Register to vote
26Ta-LeahgirlAmerican6Register to vote
27Janessagirlinspired by HadassaAmerican6Register to vote
28BaleygirlAmerican6Register to vote
29ZaKeriagirlAmerican6Register to vote
30CayleegirlAmerican6Register to vote
31JoslyngirlHappy, JoyfullAmerican6Register to vote
32ZadenboyAmerican6Register to vote
33JaidengirlStrong, powerfulAmerican6Register to vote
34AamirboyAmerican6Register to vote
35Kaileegirlkeeper of the keys, pureAmerican5Register to vote
36LorigirlAmerican5Register to vote
37Aeryngirlvariant of ErinAmerican5Register to vote
38LakeboyAmerican5Register to vote
39RaelynngirlbeautifulAmerican5Register to vote
40Kaanonboyfrom CaanonAmerican5Register to vote
41josiegirlAmerican5Register to vote
42AdalyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
43AliannahgirlAmerican5Register to vote
44JusticeboyfairnessAmerican5Register to vote
45MadilyngirlBeautiful spirted girlAmerican5Register to vote
46EmelyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
47MabrygirlAmerican5Register to vote
48ChevellegirlBold and BeautifulAmerican4Register to vote
49Kenzliegirla twist for kenzieAmerican4Register to vote
50AlmanzoboyIn a Laura Ingalls Wilder book it was the guys she married I LOVE the name!American4Register to vote
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