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1Abenzioboyson of my right handCeltic0Register to vote
2AdalardoboynobleCeltic1Register to vote
3Africagirlpleasing, pleasantCeltic1Register to vote
4Ahearnboylord of the horsesCeltic1Register to vote
5AinegirljoyCeltic1Register to vote
6Aislinngirla dream, vision, inspirationCeltic12Register to vote
7Aithnegirllittle fireCeltic3Register to vote
8AlannagirlfairCeltic7Register to vote
9AllyngirlharmonyCeltic0Register to vote
10Altonboymiracle from aboveCeltic3Register to vote
11AnnabelgirljoyCeltic2Register to vote
12AnnabellegirljoyCeltic36Register to vote
13ArainianagirlA maiden of the waterCeltic2Register to vote
14ArielboyCeltic0Register to vote
15ArlandboypledgeCeltic2Register to vote
16Arleengirla pledgeCeltic1Register to vote
17ArlenegirlpledgeCeltic1Register to vote
18Arthurboynoble, follower of ThorCeltic5Register to vote
19Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic5Register to vote
20Asterixboybright lightCeltic0Register to vote
21Bevinboylady with a sweet song, son of EvanCeltic1Register to vote
22Bevingirllady with a sweet songCeltic6Register to vote
23BirkitagirlstrengthCeltic0Register to vote
24Boydboyblond, yellowCeltic1Register to vote
25Brazilboybrave, strong in conflictCeltic0Register to vote
26BreegirlbrothCeltic7Register to vote
27Brennagirlraven maid, dark-hairedCeltic9Register to vote
28Brettagirlfrom BritainCeltic1Register to vote
29BriacboyesteemCeltic0Register to vote
30BrianboystrongCeltic8Register to vote
31BrianagirlstrongCeltic6Register to vote
32Briceboyswift, quick-moving, son of RiceCeltic2Register to vote
33Bricegirlswift, quick-movingCeltic0Register to vote
34BriettagirlstrongCeltic0Register to vote
35BrigittagirlstrongCeltic1Register to vote
36BrilynngirlstrengthCeltic3Register to vote
37BrinagirlprotectorCeltic1Register to vote
38BritesgirlstrengthCeltic0Register to vote
39BryantboystrongCeltic3Register to vote
40CadmanboywarriorCeltic0Register to vote
41Caedmonboywise warriorCeltic0Register to vote
42Camlinboycrooked lineCeltic1Register to vote
43Caoimhegirlgentleness, beauty, graceCeltic3Register to vote
44Cardenboyfrom the black fortressCeltic2Register to vote
45CarneyboywarriorCeltic0Register to vote
46CarrollboychampionCeltic0Register to vote
47Caryboyhonest one, shyCeltic2Register to vote
48Carygirlhonest one, shyCeltic2Register to vote
49Cassianboywarrior for the kingCeltic1Register to vote
50Cerdwingirlthe mother GoddessCeltic1Register to vote
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