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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1DamekboyearthCzech5Register to vote
2Nadezdagirlone with hopeCzech3Register to vote
3YailynngirllightCzech2Register to vote
4BelagirlwhiteCzech2Register to vote
5Betagirldedicated to godCzech1Register to vote
6EliskagirltruthfulCzech1Register to vote
7VavrinboylaurelCzech1Register to vote
8Zelenkagirllittle innocent oneCzech1Register to vote
9CtiradboyCzech0Register to vote
10SunnygirlCzech0Register to vote
11ElorieboyCzech0Register to vote
12Zdenekboyone from Sidon, a winding sheetCzech0Register to vote
13VavrinecboyLawrenceCzech0Register to vote
14Vaclavboywreath of gloryCzech0Register to vote
15SvatyVavrinecboySaint LawrenceCzech0Register to vote
16Oldrichboyone with riches and powerCzech0Register to vote
17Ladislavboyfamous rulerCzech0Register to vote
18Evzenboyof noble birthCzech0Register to vote
19AcediagirlCzech0Register to vote
20Zuzagirlgraceful lilyCzech0Register to vote
21Zdenkagirlone from Sidon, a winding sheetCzech0Register to vote
22RybagirlfishCzech0Register to vote
23RickenagirlCzech0Register to vote
24MarjetagirlpearlCzech0Register to vote
25Ditagirlrich giftCzech0Register to vote
26AnezkagirlpureCzech0Register to vote
26 names total