Danish Names :

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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Bardoboyson of the earthDanish1Register to vote
2DakingirlDanishDanish2Register to vote
3Diederikboyruler of the peopleDanish0Register to vote
4Gardinerboygarden keeperDanish0Register to vote
5GrettegirlpearlDanish0Register to vote
6Jakobboyform of JacobDanish1Register to vote
7KnutboykindnessDanish1Register to vote
8NilsboychampionDanish0Register to vote
9SaffigirlwisdomDanish1Register to vote
10SeminegirlGoddess of sun, moon and starsDanish1Register to vote
11UlricboywolfDanish0Register to vote
11 names total