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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51GalenboycalmGaelic6Register to vote
52Gaynorboyson of the fair-haired oneGaelic1Register to vote
53GlennboyvalleyGaelic0Register to vote
54Glennagirlfrom the valleyGaelic1Register to vote
55Gradyboynoble, illustriousGaelic6Register to vote
56GraniagirlloveGaelic0Register to vote
57GraziellagirlGorgeousGaelic1Register to vote
58IainboyGod's gracious giftGaelic2Register to vote
59JarynboyjarGaelic2Register to vote
60JolanagirlHappy, good friendGaelic1Register to vote
61Kaelanboyslender, fairGaelic7Register to vote
62Keefeboylovable and handsome, nobleGaelic0Register to vote
63Keeganboylittle fierce oneGaelic4Register to vote
64Keelandboylittle and slenderGaelic3Register to vote
65Keelygirlbeautiful and gracefulGaelic5Register to vote
66Keenanboylittle ancient oneGaelic1Register to vote
67Kellangirlwarrior princessGaelic6Register to vote
68Kendrickboyson of HenryGaelic3Register to vote
69Kennedyboyhelmeted chiefGaelic1Register to vote
70KennisgirlbeautifulGaelic1Register to vote
71Kenyonboyblond-hairedGaelic2Register to vote
72KermitboyfreemanGaelic1Register to vote
73KernboydarkGaelic1Register to vote
74KerrygirlCiar's people, dark eyesGaelic0Register to vote
75KerryboyCiar's people, dark eyesGaelic0Register to vote
76Kevinboygentle, lovableGaelic10Register to vote
77Kieranboysmall and dark-skinnedGaelic12Register to vote
78Kinnelboydweller at the head of the cliffGaelic0Register to vote
79Kyleboyhandsome, near the chapel, narrow, narrow channel, straitGaelic7Register to vote
80KyleaFair And BeautifulGaelic1Register to vote
81KynagirlwiseGaelic1Register to vote
82LawlerboysoftspokenGaelic1Register to vote
83leederboyGaelic0Register to vote
84Lennonboycloak, little capeGaelic5Register to vote
85LonboyfierceGaelic0Register to vote
86LucianeboygodlyGaelic0Register to vote
87MabgirljoyGaelic9Register to vote
88Mackenzieboyson of the wise leaderGaelic2Register to vote
89Macnairboyson of the heirGaelic1Register to vote
90Malvinagirlsmooth snowGaelic0Register to vote
91MearagirlGaelic0Register to vote
92MearaboymerryGaelic1Register to vote
93Meckenziegirldaughter of the wise leaderGaelic1Register to vote
94Murphyboysea warriorGaelic1Register to vote
95Myrnagirlpolite one, gentleGaelic0Register to vote
96NealboychampionGaelic3Register to vote
97NealagirlchampionGaelic2Register to vote
98NolanboynobleGaelic12Register to vote
99Parlanboyploughman, farmerGaelic1Register to vote
100Phelanboylittle wolfGaelic2Register to vote
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